MiniSquadron! Review

MiniSquadron! Review

Jan 6, 2011

You know, when did airplane dueling get so serious? It’s all jet planes of various shades of gray, and even when it’s not being taken seriously, it comes tainted with beach volleyball and the music of Kenny Loggins. All I want is airplane dueling with whimsical planes in the shape of panda heads, or to be able to shoot down some UFOs. MiniSquadron is that game, a 2D airplane dueling game that puts you in a whimsical world where wacky and colorful planes fight each other for dominance.

The game comes with 8 levels to play, each composed of a certain number of waves to try to defeat, and an accompanying survival mode to play. A lot of the fun comes from trying to unlock all the planes in the game, many of which are planes that you can fight in the game’s modes and then can play for yourself, with each one offering different stats and even different play styles. The game is topped off with a whimsical style that allows you to fly a giant panda head plane. Also, the gameplay may be whimsical, but flight mechanics are fairly realistic in that you can’t just fly in any direction without repercussions, you have to use gravity to increase speed and have to worry about stalling if you fly straight up. The game also supports OpenFeint for leaderboards and achievements.

The game’s whimsical style can be irritating, though, especially the announcer, whose voice is so high-pitched, that if it were any higher it wouldn’t be audible by normal human ears…which would be a good thing, I suppose. The short of it is that that voice is very irritating. The controls generally function well, but they can be difficult to use when you need to try to pull off a maneuver near the ground. Also, the game is just a port of the original iOS title, none of the content from the “Special Edition” sequel is included, and if you’ve played the iOS version, nothing new is here. Also, the multiplayer is only local wifi, not online.

MiniSquadron is a quality action title for Android. The game’s arcade style combat is fun to pick up and play, and offers enough fun to be a worthy pickup for those looking for a good 2D action game on their Android.

MiniSquadron! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game is especially vibrant and colorful, and it's all ironically set to classical music.
Controls - The touch screen controls function decently, but often falter on the edges of the map when you need to make quick maneuvers.
Gameplay - The game is easy to pick up on, and the variety of playable planes bring plenty of variety.
Replay Value - There are 8 campaign levels, along with 8 survival levels available, and local wifi multiplayer.
Overall - MiniSquadron is whimsical and offers plenty of 2D airplane dueling action.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Jimmy

    As I know the multiplayer can be ios vs ios , how about android vs ios? can it work normally?

  • Unfortunately it’s only iOS vs iOS or Android vs Android. No cross platform support yet, but maybe a possible feature in the future?