Missile Defence WCP 1.2 Review

Missile Defence WCP 1.2 Review

Apr 12, 2016

“Simple” is the word of the day when it comes to App Entwickler Verzeichnis’ Missile Defence WCP 1.2.

Graphically, the game uses a relatively low frills template; the 2d-ish still image that makes up the playing area is presented in landscape, with a sprawling cityscape exists towards the bottom, populated with telltale skyscrapers of different sizes. The dark silhouettes do stand out, as they are meant to, and against the gentle horizon in the background and water body in the foreground, they almost look stately.md3

It’s an easy game to understand. All one has to do is to save the city from the missiles hurtling towards it from above; said missiles speed down all comet-like, with trails of fearsome white emissions making them loner — and more deadly — than they may be. They come downwards from the top of the screen, first somewhat singly, and then in waves which cause even more havoc.

The main tool to prevent destruction of the city are the two guns that are planted on either side of the playing area.
To get the incoming missiles before they make landfall, one needs to judge the path of an incoming projectile, and time the protective shell such that it hits the enemy weapon at just the right time, thus destroying it. Being off, even by a little, makes the protagonist fire miss. Some logical concepts are present, like the intuitive idea of it being better to take out missiles before they get closer to the buildings.

The game incorporates an upgrade system that allows one to improve weapons.

In essence, the game has one major concept: save the city by intercepting the incoming missiles. Timing and use of angles make it a bit of a challenge, but the encompassing simplicity of the gameplay is never really concealed.

That’s an enviable strength.

Missile Defence WCP 1.2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple yet effective.
Controls - Intuitive taps to fire.
Gameplay - Timing tower defense game.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - A somewhat engaging time-waster.

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