Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review

Jul 28, 2014

The mighty Modern Combat series has long been one of the premiere shooters on mobile. While obviously aping Call of Duty, there is little argument that a series of well-made modern shooters is welcome on Android. Modern Combat 5: Blackout hopes to carry on the series of excellence and make Deathmatch loving gamers hot and bothered all over again.

Screenshot_2014-07-25-17-25-43Modern Combat 5 features a single player campaign but, unlike Modern Combat 4, it simply feels and literally is training for MP. In MC5 the player character is shared over MP and SP, so experience gained for killing enemies and beating missions in SP also boosts the player’s MP prospects.

The single player campaign is very similar to other modern shooters. There are terrorists, a sinister plot and plenty of turncoats and intrigue. The acting isn’t terrible, but it just pales compared to Modern Combat 4’s story.

Modern Combat 5’s gameplay is pretty much the same as MC4. There is cover to hide behind lots of enemies to fill full of lead and hostages to save. The biggest difference is that Modern Combat 5 features very short levels that are generally 2-3 minutes long. They are nowhere near as good as the 20-30 minute epics some missions in Modern Combat 4 turned into. Modern Combat 5’s missions feel too much like a collection of small rooms and isolated shootouts, rather than one homogeneous battle.

Screenshot_2014-07-28-04-30-03Between single player missions, the player is forced to grind though pointless side missions that must also be beaten to continue. These range from just killing all enemies, to killing all enemies and defusing a bomb. These missions are boring and simply serve as filler and experience fodder to gain levels.

Multiplayer is largely the same as Modern Combat 4, but since weapons unlock based on kills it’s much easier to focus on gaining a few weapons the player likes, rather than having to level up and arbitrarily be awarded new equipment. The wonky controls really make multiplayer feel like a crapshoot however. The matchmaking is fatally flawed. Level 5 players will be paired with any enemy at all, even lv 32 players who will effortlessly cap them.

Modern Combat 5 fails majority in the controls department. With no external controller support on release and loose, awkward touch controls, actually playing Modern Combat 5 with any kind of grace is exceedingly difficult. Things like sweeping your aim over to an enemy that just appeared takes a very long time and MP seems more luck based since the player can’t react very quickly without precise controls. MOGA support will likely improve the game a great deal.

Weapons in Modern Combat 5 just aren’t punchy or fun to use. Assault rifles have no recoil to speak off and sound very tinny and unimpressive. Shotguns lack a satisfying boom.

Modern Combat 5 is a competent, but unpolished entrant in the venerable Modern Combat series and for the price is tenuously worth a buy. Its issues will likely be tightened up with post release patches.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Modern Combat 5 looks nice, but the average voice acting and unimpressive weapon sounds remove a lot of the game's feel.
Controls - A very imprecise and hard to use touch control system really kills Modern Combat 5's gameplay. No controller support is a big black mark against the game.
Gameplay - Modern Combat 5 could be fun but its poor controls, poor matchmaking and the large amount of filler single player missions don't help the game. Multiplayer is almost exactly like Modern Combat 4.
Replay Value - A lot to see and unlock.
Overall - Modern Combat 5 needs a lot of work to become a good online shooter.

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