Monkey Boxing Review

Monkey Boxing Review

May 29, 2013

For boxing feens, Monkey Boxing may be close to a must-see. And why not? Monkeys in the boxing ring… it doesn’t get much better.

In this game, lower primates get to be pugilists with flair. It has the feel of Wii’s generic boxing game, decked out in eye-catching 3D detail. The developer really works color into the customization options by giving a great selection of clothing and gear, plus whimsical vanity items and hair pieces. The animations were okay, avoiding the overzealous gruesomeness that sometimes plagues games of this time. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I appreciated the zany touches. It’s much easier to justify knocking out your 6-yr-old when bananas are floating over the prone body of his mon1character.

The game has a few different modes. It is possible to play in a single ladder type of progression, or two players locally on the same device. There is also the option of playing against an opponent who is on another device on the same wi-fi network. Single player entails fighting, training and completing challenges; progress unlocks more features and customization options, and the game does a good job of compiling stats. The boxing matches themselves were simple affairs, with fights going about four rounds. Each fighter has a life bar, and the winner is the fighter with the most life at the end of the fight, or the one who is still standing. Controls were minimalist in nature, with two virtual buttons (punch and block) being the primary ones; other special power buttons flashed when earned or invoked.

The multiplayer multi-device play is pretty fantastic. As noted, it involves playing over local wi-fi. I think it’s the best part of the game, but then again, I’m a sucker for multiplayer functionality.

My biggest gripes were the ease of play in the single player mode and the finicky connectivity for the multiplayer portion. With the former, I just wanted a bit more of a challenge. The latter was a frustrating experience; I hope it isn’t a widespread issue and that it was mostly user error.

All in all, Monkey Boxing is a great time waster with plenty of upside and expandability.

Monkey Boxing Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Nice looking with eerily appropriate sounds.
Controls - Two main virtual controls.
Gameplay - Three modes equal three different ways to have fun; multiplayer functionality is great.
Replay Value - Some play modes are really addictive.
Overall - Cool game with different ways to play and customization options.

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