Monkey Racing Review

Monkey Racing Review

Nov 6, 2014

Remember Monkey Boxing? Wanna see those action junkie primates battle in vehicles Mario Karts-style?

Here comes Monkey Racing.

Graphically, it looks good, is effective with color without being overdone. Sound is cheery, animations are smooth, and the different locations are designed well.

Per gameplay, it flows pretty well; the karts work well as the main racing attraction of the game. It feels a little bit like more entrenched racers, but feels sufficiently different that it doesn’t feel like a clone. It comes in two modes, single and multiplayer, and there are also three different levels to play: easy, normal and hard.

As one would expect, the starting kart is basic; one selects a track, and the race begins. In single player, there five competitors, and after the countdown, they actively jockey for position. The raceways are windy, and the touch controls have to be caressed just right to maintain control. For folks like me, it’ll take a race or two — or three — to become fairly proficient. The other racers are not opposed to blocking, either, and the power-ups provide an enjoyable aspect.

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The power-ups are color-coded, and have to be ridden through to be collected. They provide temporary features like immunity and weapons like fireballs that can be used to hammer cars ahead of the players. The strategy cuts both ways though, as other drivers will be firing on the player; when this occurs, an ominous notification shows up on the screen, giving one the opportunity to switch camera views and try to avoid it, or simply activate a temporary immunity pack. There are obstacles on the track that can slow one down, and all together, the action gets busy and tense.

Racing well earns coins, and attributes of the kart like speed and grip can be upgraded via this currency. Beating bosses unlocks new gear; the game also incorporates achievements for brag rights.

Multiplayer games can be created over wi-fi, and are yet another fun angle of this game

It took me a while o get used to the touch controls, but I do love the option of using tilt. The multiplayer option is fantastic, and the advancement structure is simple and straight to the point. The upfront pricing with no in-app purchasing is the cherry on top.

It’s a great game with lovable characters in an irresistible genre. Be careful; keep to a strict schedule with this one.

Monkey Racing Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Decent looks, with fun accompanying sound.
Controls - Easy to understand, but a bit touchy to master.
Gameplay - Fun racing gameplay; nice use of power-ups and weaponry.
Replay Value - Setup creates an engaging environment.
Overall - Great follow-up game that brings back cool characters.
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