MONOPOLY Bingo Review

MONOPOLY Bingo Review

Jan 23, 2014

Ever since getting their hands on the Monopoly license, EA has punched out a good number of Monopoly licensed games on the mobile platform. Games like Monopoly Slots and Monopoly Hotels take the iconic board game and expand upon it or mash it up with other styles of games. As cool as that might sound, it isn’t all its cracked up to be sometimes. In the case of these titles, more often than not, they come off as cheap marketing gimmicks, using the popular Monopoly name to garner more players and possibly more money.

Monopoly Bingo, of course, is yet another one of those games, feeling more like a desperate attempt to push an otherwise freemium Bingo game, than putting out a quality product. EA has been so hot and cold this year with their free to play lineups; FIFA 14 and Plants vs Zombies 2 knocking it out of the park, while other titles floundering. Monopoly Bingo attempts to spin the age old game of Bingo with one of Hasbro’s most popular board games, hoping to create something new and interesting. However, this attempt faltered short, instead creating a Bingo game with achievements, leveling and a backdrop that is supposedly based around Monopoly.


If you’re one who fancies a Bingo game for your Android device, Monopoly Bingo isn’t a terrible choice. It has all of the things you’d expect in Bingo, except a Monopoly background, that feels super odd. The only real nod to the classic board game comes with certain levels named after the various properties within Monopoly. However, there are also other random levels thrown into Monopoly Bingo that don’t totally make sense.


Luckily the in-app purchases aren’t so terrible in Monopoly Bingo. Players have to pay tickets in order to play any card of Bingo. These same tickets can also be used to have automatic dabbers. Coins can also be used to purchase scratch offs and power ups to use within Bingo matches. The real world money conversion isn’t all that terrible either, so for those who are really in a Bingo fix, you won’t go for broke.

Monopoly Bingo is pretty much what it sounds like; Bingo with a Monopoly background. Neither part of this spells a wonderful experience.

MONOPOLY Bingo Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics aren't terrible, neither is the sound.
Controls - Sometimes the game isn't the best at getting the swipes.
Gameplay - It's Bingo.
Replay Value - Depends on how much you like Bingo.
Overall - Not entirely sure why this got the Monopoly name slapped on it. It's just another bingo game.

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