Monster Match Review

Monster Match Review

Sep 20, 2013

A lot of games find it hard to stick to one ‘type’ nowadays. It seems that every game is of type X though has Y components. It’s not enough to find one solid game mechanic, it seems the trick is to mix several together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m happy to say that Monster Match‘s attempt at mixing Pokemon and Connect 4 has worked a charm. The premise, as with most good games, is simple. You have a board which is full of coloured gems. You need to swipe at these gems connecting 2 or more of the same color. The more you connect, the better. Better how? Let me explain.unnamedCAFNRI0Y

Your not swiping gems for fun, but in fact you’re in the middle of a battle between two sets of animals. Your animals are essentially cards that you bring into the fight and the enemies animals make their way towards you on a grid at the top of the screen. By swiping at the gems, you give your animals the power to attack. Naturally, swiping at red gems will give your fire-type monsters the chance to attack and blue gems correlate to your ice/ water monsters.

As mentioned, the more of a combo and the bigger the chain, the more powerful your monsters attack. What also affects the strength of the attack is what level your monster is and also what ‘type’ they’re up against. You can see this coming but, water is strong against fire, fire is strong against grass and grass is strong against water. Sound familiar?

Whilst you’ve seen both of these ‘monster collecting’ and ‘gem swiping’ elements in other games, you’ve probably never seen them together like this and it’s to Monster Match‘s credit that it works so well. Levelling up monsters is just as fun as in Nintendo’s offerings and collecting cards after a battle is enjoyable as well. Where other games would have shamelessly monetised card collecting, [em]Monster Match[/em] does well to offer everyone a level playing field.

What Monster Match also manages to do is to keep the content coming at a regular basis. It took me a couple of weeks playing the game before I felt happy to write this review and it seemed that during this time, I had several updates each offering new monsters to find or evolve into.

A well designed game wouldn’t be much without intuitive and easy to navigate menus and this is another plus point for Monster Match. It’s a fairly complex game, with plenty of options, but the menus never get you lost or leave you confused. Everything’s smartly labelled and you’re never more than a couple of button pushes away from getting back in the game.

Bright graphics and neatly designed creatures ensure you’re looking forward to opening the next packet of cards and a smart battle system will leave you wanting to swipe at gems over and over again. Monster Match brings two genres together in a match made in heaven. Great stuff.

Monster Match Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Well designed monsters and presentation that makes playing the game and navigating menus a joy.
Gameplay - A mixture of genres that works incredibly well and hides depth and a layer of tactics to enjoy.
Controls - Swiping at gems and moving around menus is snappy and intuitive.
Replay Value - Loads of monster to find and constantly being updated with more. Just Great.
Overall - A great blend of card-collecting and puzzle game all wrapped up with some neat visuals. Brilliant.

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