Monsters, Inc. Run Review

Monsters, Inc. Run Review

Aug 13, 2013

When it comes to movie tie-in games, Disney is becoming as prolific as the best of ’em. I say it’s good business; mobile games can be easy ways to get people to engage with any franchise. Monsters, Inc Run is a sideways scrolling running game that incorporates running, jumping and some of Disney’s favorite characters.

The artwork does Monster Inc proud. It’s a really bright, but can’t be simply described as being kid-friendly; it’s actually pretty nice. There’s a pervasive but pleasant use of green, and other colors used combine with it well. The animations are decent, and the game did have an arcade feel to it visually.monsters1

The gameplay is full of action, with only two major controls: tap to jump, and tap and hold to jump longer. These can be invoked anywhere on the screen. The running area is built out of several non-continuous platforms of varying lengths. The “natural” gaps in the running area encourage jumping, and it is evident early on that harnessing the jumping power can also get our running monster to upper lanes. Plenty of goodies are available to be collected all through the running paths; they range from all sorts of upgrades to gold coins that can be used in the in-app store. Each run is, in essence, a race; at the end, time and points determine performance ranking measured by three hearts. The game speed and monsters get tougher as the game goes on, and I especially like how Scully makes his upgraded appearances.

As noted earlier, there are some obstacles, living and inanimate. Bad monsters can be jumped on, over or (with an appropriate power up) run through. Usually, though, touching these specific type of monsters knocked our running monster down a level, or worse — into nothingness, ending the run prematurely. The gameplay is leveled, and XP opens up further levels (and consequently, new attributes).

The game store does encourage the purchasing if upgrades. The good news is that the gold coins can be used. Some attributes are level-dependent, and the game does accept real money as well.

It’s a game that does Mike and Scully proud in their quest to save Boo.

Monsters, Inc. Run Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Bright, engaging and very eventful visually.
Controls - Two very liberal controls for jumping.
Gameplay - Plenty of leveled play, jumping and baddies to pounce on; plenty of coins to collect.
Replay Value - Quite addictive
Overall - Overall, anoher fun companion offering that can be enjoyed with or without the movies it is based on.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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