Mos Speedrun Review

Mos Speedrun Review

Jan 16, 2012

Mos Speedrun is a unique little game; it takes the short bursts of gamepaly provided by endless runners and it replaces it with set levels, designed to be speedrun through. This uniqueness is what makes it an interesting platformer for mobile gamers to check out.

The levels feature multiple goals, and badges for doing just that. There’s just plain completion, which may take a minute or two the first time through levels. Then, there’s a badge for executing the “speedrun” part of the title, completing in under a certain amount of time. There’s also the badge for collecting all coins in a level, and for finding the hidden skull. These badges aren’t just for posterity’s sake; players must also collect a certain number of badges in order to unlock later levels.

The game’s multi-objective levels are part of what make it so fun – first time through is usually careful exploration, learning the timing of enemy patterns and just figuring out the layout of the levels. Then comes trying to collect all the coins, the level’s skull, and occasionally the ghost that unlocks new outfits. Then, comes the speed run through the level, trying to perfect the path through the level, to get in under the timer. The levels are perfectly designed for these multiple approaches, and it brings a lot of variety to a game where the only commands are running and jumping.

The Android version of the game doesn’t stretch out to fill the screen like other iOS to Android ports – it instead uses its TV effect to create a rounded black border that looks natural. It’s far nicer-looking than stretching, and I hope more games on the platform start to do this.

The touch controls are what they are – they’re a little touchy, and can be a bit tricky for a game that does often require quick-yet-careful actions in order to succeed. Tablet owners should note that the game doesn’t support the devices properly yet – the game runs on tablets, but the controls are optimized for phone screens, so it’s a bit uncomfortable to play. According to Physmo, they didn’t have a lot of devices that they could test on, so if sales improve, then tablet support along with physical control support may come in the future.

Mos Speedrun is a game that fans of retro platformers should definitely check out. The speedrun level format fits for short-burst on-the-go gaming, and the level designs are perfectly made to be played in several ways. iOS and Android owners would do better to check out the iOS version, especially with its extra features, like iPad, iCade, and speedrun recording supporting, though they are otherwise feature-identical.

Note: Media is from iOS version of the game, but are visually identical to the Android version.

Mos Speedrun Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Chiptunes and pixel art are the name of the game here, though the music can get very repetitive.
Controls - The virtual controls are passable, though sometimes frustrating to use given the precision necessary.
Gameplay - The gameplay is perfect for short pick up and play bursts, yet are designed to be played in multiple ways.
Replay Value - 25 levels that get increasingly challenging, each with multiple goals to accomplish.
Overall - For fans of retro-style platformers, this is a unique experience worth checking out.

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