Multiponk for Android Review

Multiponk for Android Review

Apr 26, 2012

There aren’t too many games for mobile devices that allow 2 players to play at the same time. Multiponk is such a game. For fans of Pong, Multiponk is a huge leap forward but follows the same kind of gameplay. Let me explain.

Multiponk uses the back and forth sliding action like Pong does. There are 4 positions for potential players. For ease of explanation, we will call them North, South, East and West. For a single player game, player 1 is in the Southern spot and starts out with the generated opponent will start in the Northern location. The ball can bounce off of any surface except on the walls where the player’s paddles are.

Initially there are four corners where there are accelerators, similar to a pinball table. These accelerators are essentially launching pads to accelerate the ball. As the levels progress, bumpers are added, again like on a pinball table. These bumpers come in different sizes and are placed in different locations to make it harder to get a straight shot into the opponent’s goal area.

Another part of the game geared toward making it more difficult is, in single player mode, the opponent is not always directly across. The opponent can be in any of the other 3 locations and is sometimes in more than one location.

There is a multiplayer version of the game as well. In the multiplayer version there are 5 different games to play, all of which offer a little different challenge. In Baby, for example, the ball will split into smaller balls as the game progresses. The multiplayer games are best played on a phone with a larger screen or a tablet. Also, because of the speed of the game, it would be beneficial to play Multiponk on a faster device.

At first I thought Multiponk was going to be a fancied up remake of Pong but I was really wrong. With all of the variables added to each new level, Multiponk gets quite difficult as the game progresses.

Multiponk for Android Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - There isn't a lot to the graphics. The game is essentially a game table. However, there is a lot of detail to the woodgrain table and objects.
Controls - On the dual core test device, controlling the paddles worked flawlessly.
Gameplay - It can get very fast and difficult quickly. The bumpers and other objects appear and disappear making Multiponk a real challenge.
Replay Value - Multiponk is definitely something that will get played over and over especially if you get into challenging friends on your tablet.
Overall - Multiponk is one of the most challenging simple games I've played in a ling time.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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