MX Moto Review

MX Moto Review

Feb 4, 2011

You may think MX Moto is some kind of racing game, just based on the title alone. However, this is actually more of a platforming game, where you control a rider on a motorbike trying to reach the end of each course. Of course, the challenge presented is that the courses are full of hills, ramps, and other environmental obstacles to try and keep you from completing the game’s 17 levels. There’s not just the standard level completion mode, you can also challenge yourself with a mode that places bombs throughout the level that you must avoid, and a Rally mode that has you trying to complete extended versions of each course, complete with checkpoints.

MX Moto uses the now commonplace doodle art style, but it looks good in this game, even if it is nothing complex. The game’s graphics look great on higher resolution phones like the Galaxy S, and the menu elements are actually properly displayed, which is a rarity among many games, likely due to the Galaxy S’ odd 800×480 resolution. The game being a platformer with a motorbike is also just a kind of genius concept, and some of the level designs make great use of this, and force you to play with flipping yourself in the air to pass them. As well, the game supports online high scores for your total completion time for all the levels. The game also will challenge you to beat its 17 tracks, so expect to get plenty of playtime out of this one.

The controls are problematic, especially when it comes to flipping – there’s no real indicator to tell how fast you’re flipping, and even subtle movements of the phone can send you flipping even if you don’t intend to flip your bike. The tilt controls just feel so imprecise; while this is probably the point, as virtual buttons would likely make it easier to land flips without crashing. However, I’d rather prefer intuitive controls like that than difficulty created artificially through the tilt sensor’s inaccuracies.

MX Moto is a good, simple idea, but its control issues can often be frustrating, in addition to the game’s challenge already built-in. If you can handle the tilt controls, MX Moto can be enjoyable, but otherwise, you may want to hold off on this one. Check out the Lite version, at least, to get a taste of its often frustrating fun.

MX Moto Review Rundown

Graphics - Yes, the doodle style is overdone, but it looks nice here. Bonus points for menu graphics that don't look fuzzy or scaled on the Galaxy S' screen.
Controls - The controls are simple, but the tilt controls for flipping your bike are often challenging and inaccurate to use.
Gameplay - This is a very frustrating and challenging game despite its simple 'get from point A to point B' goal, with the levels ramping up in challenge very quickly.
Replay Value - Not much to the game with 17 levels purposed for 3 different modes, but the levels are challenging enough that the game can last you a long time if you stick with it.
Overall - With some control refinements, this could be a better game, but otherwise, it's a decent distraction for your Android.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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