MyNotes Pro Review

MyNotes Pro Review

Aug 3, 2011

For writers like myself, I like to have the ability to write wherever I want, and to then have access to those articles wherever I need to access them. I often find it easier to put the finishing touches on articles from a ‘real’ computer than to try to do them from my tablets, where I often will hook up a USB keyboard to them and type from them. I do so a lot on my iPad with an app called Notesy that syncs up to Dropbox, which makes it easy to write posts on my iPad, then finish them up on my computer if I need to. I’ve been on the lookout for Android apps that will do the same, and after trying out several apps, I might have found my choice: MyNotes.

This app is a simple plaintext editor, that syncs up to Dropbox. Users can log in to Dropbox, and text files are saved to a directory saved in the root of Dropbox called “MyNotes.” Text files can be tagged with certain tags, and can be filtered in the app by those tags. The app is designed for phones, but works perfectly as is on tablets, and notes can be easily synced across different versions of MyNotes. The app just works, and does the exact basics of what I need it to. I’ve typed up several posts on it, on both my phone and tablet. The app also comes with a basic tasks list feature, though these currently are not synchronized to Dropbox.

MyNotes sadly doesn’t have any kind of auto-save feature; this means that for people who swap out of the app often, if it closes in the background without work being manually saved, it will be lost. This has burned me more than one time when I forgot to hit the “Save” button. As well, the app would do well to have a word count feature; this would be a great help for writers like myself who must often write to particular word counts. There’s no way to access notes in an app besides the “MyNotes” directory that the app creates, so documents created outside of a version of MyNotes cannot be edited unless they are saved in the MyNotes folder.

While this app is lacking compared to my preferred iOS solution, at its core it does exactly what I need it to do, and makes my phone and tablet more useful for what I need it to do. That’s all I really need. The app comes in both a free ‘MyNotes’ ad-supported version and a paid ad-free ‘MyNotes Pro’ version.

MyNotes Pro Review Rundown

User Interface - Basic and effective interface; some buttons are unlabeled and not immediately apparent as to their function.
Functionality - Core functionality is great, and Dropbox syncing just works. More advanced features would be useful, though.
Performance - No issues with performance or multitasking, though there is no background saving, so documents not manually saved are lost to history.
Usefulness - Works extremely great for typing up plaintext documents from Android phones and tablets, it is invaluable.
Overall - A simple app that will be invaluable to those trying to type notes on their Android devices.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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