Mysterium Review

Mysterium Review

Mar 31, 2017

We’ve been keeping an eye on for Mysterium for quite a bit, so it did have a bit to live up to.

The game manifests in two flavors, regular “Play” and Story Mode; the former is further broken into Quick Play, Online, Blitz and Solo. The game highly suggests starting out in Story Mode, and there wasn’t a reason not to oblige.

The backstory sets the mood. It’s the 1920s in Scotland, and murdered people are beginning to pile up. After the count hits four, a boy is caught and held accountable for the killings.

Ah, but the murders don’t end.

After a few more, a female culprit is apprehended. The common trend? Both suspects claim to have no recollection of the actual crimes. The two are labeled as being possessed by evil spirits.

A local nobleman that moonlights as a psychic looks to solve the puzzle, and recruits five fellow psychics to help him to unravel the mystery. He also gets the kid released and sets him up as his apprentice.


The initial gameplay is helped along by text boxes. The graphics are dark and engaging, if a bit whimsical.

The game boils down to a card game, the ghosts has unclear visions, and it is up to the player, who works as the apprentice, to glean clues from the cards to pick the right situation (weapon, location, murder weapon, etc.) that solves the case.

The trick is in the cards, obviously. It’s all about analyzing and putting two and two — sorta — together. After a sequence of (hopefully) correct guesses, one gets to pick from a choice of sequences for the win.

Then it is on to the next mission. Different storylines, but the same core gameplay principles with regards to solving.

It comes together very well. It doesn’t do too much, but manages to hang on the mind. The different play modes extend the engagement, and the game works quite well in short or long bursts on the go.

Mysterium Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very appropriate looks and sound.
Controls - Fairly intuitive.
Gameplay - An interesting mix of elements.
Replay Value - Plenty of play available
Overall - An engaging experience.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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