Myth Defense 2: DF Review

Myth Defense 2: DF Review

Jan 15, 2014

Myth Defense 2 falls into the same category as the majority of other tower defense games. It’s fun to play, has relatively nice graphics, but doesn’t have any really innovations. I can’t even criticize these games properly, since they are still genuinely fun to play, even if they have completely similar gameplay.

In an unusual move, the story of Myth Defense 2 is turned against the forces of good that have successfully defended their land in the part one, and are now on the attack, on the lands of orcs, goblins and necromancers. The towers and technologies that are gradually unlocked by the player, are reflecting the dark side and provide a wide range of choices. There are several base towers available, and every tower has several stages of upgrade. The traps provide some on-the-field Myth Defense 2 DF 3protection, blowing up enemies in various ways. The rune system that allows player to boost certain towers by applying special craftable power-ups to them, helps bring more variety in the advanced game, and make higher difficulty levels more interesting. Enemies run/fly/drive from the enemy base towards the player’s base, and the player needs to build a labyrinth of towers on their way to make them travel the longest possible path, and eventually kill them. There are lots of levels, and each level can provide a whole lot of game time, with the game’s bendable difficulty system.

I should note that Myth Defense 2 is in no way free-to-play, and requires $2.49 to unlock the full game, which is, in all fairness, all fair. The game is really well done, and although the graphics are just scaled 2D sprites that could certainly get a little pumping up, and aside from rune system, the game is familiar to all fans of Tower Defenses, it’s certainly fun and long-lasting. There are no in-app purchases, and even if you choose not to spend two and a half dollars on a full game, its “demo” version is still heaps of fun, without any ads or hassles.

Overall, it’s a fun strategy, but its rules and mechanics don’t differ from any other tower defense title. It’s not really different from even it’s own predecessor. But if you don’t expect anything revolutionary, then you’re up for some very fun time.

Myth Defense 2: DF Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The weakest link in the game. It's not horrible, but even on the 7" tablet, it looks quite cheap up-close.
Controls - Some small inconveniences with tower situation and upgrade, but nothing serious.
Gameplay - Absolutely captivating. Not original, but it doesn't have to be.
Replay Value - As I said, absolutely captivating. Lots of strategic options mean lots of replay value.
Overall - It's a damn fine tower defense. It could be more, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is.

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