NavigationPro+ Review

NavigationPro+ Review

Oct 4, 2012

Navigation on smartphones is no longer a novelty. I have long since forgone standalone GPS units for the simplicity of Android-powered solutions. Having my navigation unit on my Android-powered device just makes sense.

At the root of it all, Google Maps is the software that sets the pace.

NavigationPro+ from jWhiteRabbit Software works to be the ultimate accessory to the ultimate accessory: a bridge to Google Maps and (as I soon discovered) even more.

I found NavigationPro+ seemed to revel in its simplicity. From the unassuming splashscreen to the minimalist settings screen, I felt NavigationPro+ just seemed tp want to get me out on the road. I appreciated the UI and the easy feel of the menu. And that pretty much brought me to what THE feature: it served to organize my contacts and travel locations.

As soon as I tapped one of the locations or travel destinations, NavPro+ invoked Google Navigation (or whatever program you have installed as default navigation app) with the address pre-populated. Now, where this is useful is for, say, a trip with several stops out of the way, or multiple stops. I found this to be insanely useful as a soccer coach that frequently goes to tournaments. Having the ability to have program to type or search locations in that worked with my navigation program was priceless.

I found the program did well with searching. It gave me the option of pulling info from the web and from the address book on my phone, and it worked well with Google Navigation and TeleNav Scout.

My biggest fuss is that because at least some of the features of NavPro+ are built into some navigation programs, some folks will find a reason to forgo it, especially if device never is an issue. Still, it is a great companion app, particularly for folks like me who want to keep navigation apps clear of one-time data. For the truly curious, there is a free trial that drops some premium features like cloud backup and which has ads.

For pre-planning trips (especially with Google Maps), it is a viable add-on.

NavigationPro+ Review Rundown

User Interface - Simple, easy-to-use interface.
Usefulness - Great for creating complex itineraries or a trip to the fair.
Performance - Does what it sets out to do well
Value - Some may eschew it for built-in functionality in Nav apps
Overall - An effective companion app that provides cloud compatibility.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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