Neon Racer Review

Neon Racer Review

Apr 1, 2011

Most racing games task the player with guiding their car (or whatever it is you’re racing) through a twisting and turning track. Neon Racer changes the formula a bit; your finger is the “car” and once you touch the screen, the track starts zipping by. Is this unique gameplay mechanic enough to merit a purchase, or should you drive right past this game? Read on to find out.

The core gameplay mechanic is just the basic building block that Neon Racer uses to create a unique gaming experience. Throw in tracks that require you to lift your finger to “hop” over obstacles, and walls that cause instant death when you hit them, and you have a recipe for a one-of-a-kind Android gaming experience.

The graphics and sound compliment the gameplay nicely. Bright walls and glowing yellow balls that earn you points help Neon Racer live up to the “neon” part of its name. The music isn’t outstanding, but it compliments the gameplay well enough.

The one flaw with this game also happens to be its biggest selling point – your finger as the “car”. For the most part, this gameplay mechanic works very well. Unfortunately, from time to time, your finger can keep you from seeing an obstacle that’s coming up behind you. This didn’t happen very often, but often enough to be irritating.

Despite your finger occasionally getting in the way, the controls are extremely responsive and snappy. Lifting your finger to jump an obstacle works flawlessly, and I never felt like it was the game’s fault when I bumped into a wall. In short, the controls and the gameplay work well together to create a unique and enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking for a racing game for your Android device, you might want to check out Neon Racer. The concept is simple, but extremely enjoyable, not to mention unique among racing games. With solid controls, unique gameplay, and a unique concept, Neon Racer is definitely worth checking out.

Neon Racer Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - Simple graphics and sound that compliment the gameplay well, but don't stand out in any way.
Controls - Extremely responsive controls compliment the gameplay well.
Gameplay - A unique concept along with solid execution of that concept make Neon Racer a racing game worth checking out.
Replay Value - You'll find yourself coming back to Neon Racer again and again, trying to beat your best score for each track.
Overall - Great gameplay combined with solid controls make Neon Racer an exceptional entry into the racing genre on the Android platform.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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