NFL Quarterback 13 Review

NFL Quarterback 13 Review

Jan 31, 2013

Full Fat’s timing of NFL Quarterback 13 may be odd: most football games come out before the season, or at least early on in it to catch on that football fever. See NFL Kicker 13. Howeveer, by releasing in the midst of the playoffs, it may just be a shrewd move. After all, it’s when football fever is at its highest pitch. So, here we are, with another arcade-style football game that’s fun, but runs into issues with in-app purchase mechanics.

The goal here is simple: use Full Fat’s patented flicking mechanic to pass to receivers, and flick while the ball is in mid-air to help redirect it to receivers. Thankfully, players have receivers with either the best hands or the worst ever: they do a great job at catching balls and winning battles against defenders and receivers that are in the area of a catch that the targeted receiver won’t get to will go all out to catch the ball. However, they all tend to constantly fumble when hit. Thankfully, that doesn’t matter! Players also have to deal with oncoming defenders, with the ability to swipe to dodge out of the way. There’s a mode where players need to just not run out of lives, another where the clock must not run down, and another that serves as a target practice mode. Coins and tokens can be spent on player upgrades and on upgrading one’s stadium.

The flick controls are still the best thing about the game. It’s just so intuitive to flick a pass to receivers. The game does have less inherent variety than NFL Kicker, where field goals and punts provided two inherently different forms of gameplay. However, the 3 modes, with different challenges, should serve as enough variety here.

Sadly, the secondary currency of tokens can be somewhat difficult to earn in the game itself if not impossible, and they’re the primary way to continue games and unlock some other upgrades. Other upgrades take a long time to earn through actually playing the game. The best games that use two currencies make the second currency something that’s actually a part of the game, not just a blatant attempt to make money. That the game also has launched as a paid app is especially insulting. While the game is perfectly playable without the upgrades, it will impede the quest for other high scores.

While NFL Quarterback 13 has some annoying elements, at its core it remains a Full Fat game: fun and simple to play.

NFL Quarterback 13 Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Solid 3D graphics, and the interface, which takes cues from official NFL graphics, is a great touch.
Controls - The flick controls are what make Full Fat a well-known mobile developer, and they work well here.
Gameplay - There's a lack of variety in game modes that NFL Kicker had. Two of the modes have the same basic gameplay just with different rules.
Replay Value - The core mechanic is fun, but a lot of the meta-gaming elements feel like they're built to compel the spending of money, not for the enhancement of the game product.
Overall - While it suffers from its non-game elements, NFL Quarterback 13 does get a lot right. It just needs to have what's wrong fixed with it.

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