NinjAwesome Review

NinjAwesome Review

Jun 27, 2016

Everybody loves — and probably fears — ninjas, and old school is in, so in several ways, bringing the two concepts together is a surefire way to grab peoples attention.

Here comes NinjaAwesome (from GameResort), and the Android gaming world is off on an interesting trip down visual memory lane.

Crazily enough, the graphics are probably not the coolest aspect of the game… and the graphics are pretty cool. One gets a real trip to the glorious days of old, with chunky looks and stuttering animations that that are well constructed. The different backgrounds are highlight the color usage, and different pastels show up to create a a roving set of backgrounds that are further buttressed by background art for the successive stages.

The gameplay is straightforward: layered platformer with action going in the “normal” left to right direction; the player gets to control an expectantly black-clad character across a 2D land with plenty of obstacles. The control set is important here, and boils down to a series of taps and gestures that allow active ninja to stay upright and running. Using the controls, he can jump, double jump, slide, attack and more in addition to the perpetual forward movement. Action combos (like jumping and throwing barbs) can be initiated, and finger dexterity is useful to have.


The action is fairly familiar, as the intuitive idea is to avoid bad things, and to make it to the end of the level as unscathed as possible. The game incorporates several tasks, and success in such yields game currency payouts. There is a leveling aspect, so XPs are a valuable resource, and it also makes sense to take advantage of the ability to upgrade the ninjas attributes.

All in all, it isn’t too complex of an experience, and that isn’t a bad thing. The controls can be a bit vexing at first, but the overall output is charming and the micro-transactions are not too invasive.

Definitely worth a look.

NinjAwesome Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Delightful old-school looks.
Controls - A bit busy, but effective.
Gameplay - Platform action fare.
Replay Value - Enjoyable in spurts.
Overall - A fun diversion.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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