Office Rush Review

Office Rush Review

May 10, 2011

Working in an office is, more often than not, a dreary experience, punctuated only by the brief moments of excitement when someone breaks the photocopier or spills scalding hot coffee on themselves. Then again, maybe I’ve just worked in the wrong offices, because if Office Rush, from XIMAD, is to be believed, offices are actually the setting for platform and puzzling fun.

The game sets you the task of rising up the corporate ladder, starting off as a lowly security guard and working your way to the top via an intoxicating mixture of 2D platforming and sliding block puzzles. It’s a lovely twist on the genre, and one that makes Office Rush really stand out from the crowd.

Take the secretary levels, for example. Here, you have to fetch your boss some water – simple enough, you might think. However, the level is mixed up, meaning your path to the water and your boss is far from clear. That’s where the sliding block puzzle comes in. You can move the different sections of the level around, clearing yourself a path to wherever it is you want to go.

As the game goes on, the puzzle elements become more and more difficult, to the point where it’s as fiendish as any other brain bender available on the Android Market. Office Rush eases you in to its web with tutorial levels and a comfortable opening section, but once you’re caught it ramps up the difficulty, as though punishing you for ever thinking that getting through was going to be a doddle.

Some might find the difficulty spikes a little too spiky, and it’s a fair complaint to make. Office Rush fools you into thinking it’s one thing, then pulls the rug out from under you and reveals its true self – an infuriatingly difficult, compulsively playable puzzle game.

Office Rush is a perfect example of how to build a mobile game. It’s easy to pick up and play, presented in bite-size chunks and, in the end, painfully addictive. Whilst there are better looking games out there, you’ll be hard pushed to find one as original or entertaining as this.

Office Rush Review Rundown

Graphic/Sound - A single tune repeated throughout, but a good looking game with a distinctive style.
Controls - Simple enough, but sometimes not as responsive as they should be.
Gameplay - Addictive, exciting and fiendish at the same time.
Replay Value - Each level can be replayed to try and beat your high score.
Overall - A great game that you should probably be downloading right now.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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