OffRoad US Army Transport Sim Review

OffRoad US Army Transport Sim Review

Apr 30, 2017

Like a challenge? You might wanna check out OffRoad US Army Transport Sim.

The core idea is to help our folks in the army to be all they can be by serving as a transport driver: here, using all manner of vehicles to lug all manner of gear from point A to point B.

The vehicles run the gamut, from relatively itsy bitsy 4 wheelers to massive trucks. The idea is to use the virtual controls to steer the vehicles along windy roads better suited for roller-coasters, and get the endpoint in one piece.

Easier said than done, no?

Our first task was a commodity laden flatbed big rig. This allowed us to check out the controls: gas and break/reverse plus left and right buttons. Controlling the vehicle with the selection is fairly intuitive, and the game mechanism accounts for momentum adequately. Then, it’s off to get out of the base and onto the roads.

The game visuals are somewhat bleak and desert-y, with high unpaveed roads that are quite narrow with matching cliffs. Navigating these is hard, but hey, watch out for the oncoming vehicles that seem to have a propensity for driving on the wrong side of the road. The turns are sharp, and remember that bad accidents cause the stage to be failed.


Did we mention the time limits? Yes, you can’t just gallivant on the roads all day. Got to there quickly, people.

Successfully getting the job done opens up new stage — with a new challenge.

Now, what makes the game fun is the diversity of vehicles plus the efficacy of the controls. Against the backdrop of the scarily windy untarred roads, it makes for an interesting adventure that seemingly escalates with every completed stage. The graphical representation does act wonky in places, and the contact physics leaves something to be desired, but the controls work quite well… challenging, but consistent.

Altogether, it’s an engaging experience, simple enough to mostly make one ignore its quirks.

OffRoad US Army Transport Sim Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Weather and environment are reflected well, but it does have quirks.
Controls - Very well done, work well together.
Gameplay - Simple and engaging.
Replay Value - Easy to get into, and tough to put down.
Overall - SImple fun.

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