Orborun Review

Orborun Review

Oct 9, 2013

If there is an award for diversity of offerings on Android OS, Bulkypix would definitely be in the running. This publisher house does it all, and mostly does it well. Its latest offering, Orborun, is fun little game that brings running games all the way back.

The graphics set the tone, and in this one, it is all futuristic, with stark, dark hues encircling the right white of the rolling platform. The animations were as sharp as a game of this genre deserves, with utility sequences making up a lot of the collision after-effects. There is a deliberate use of color that translates quite well to mobile gaming.orb1

The gameplay is really, really interesting. I mean, it has to be with a five-part tutorial, that gives an inkling of what is to come. Upon finishing that, a “world” is selected and you get to roll for real. The roller is a robot that converts to a metal ball on the fly; the traveling area is reminiscent of an especially treacherous, elevated bobsled track. The path is windy and non-continuous, with drops and obstacles strewn throughout. The preceding tutorial shows which are to be avoided, and which should be “collected” and it is all lightning fast even before stuff like speed boosts come into play. Future worlds are unlocked by prior success.

Since the developer is intent on messing with the sanity of players, interesting variations start appearing. Think the walls of rolling path are too high (you won’t; trust me)? Well, those bad boys get flatter… so flat that it may feel like guiding a pinball along a tightrope without the benefit of safety rails. It is an exhilarating ride.

There is stuff to collect and maximize points haul, but I didn’t find much to spend it on; mostly robots with special attributes and several skins. And linking social networks gives more freebies as well as dialing up the social component.

This is a pretty fun game to play, and thee is literally hours of play to be had.

Orborun Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fun, creative, appropriately arcade-y.
Controls - Choice of tap or tilt.
Gameplay - A nice reimagining of a classic game genre.
Replay Value - Hard to put down.
Overall - Simple and fun almost always yields great results; such is mostly true here.

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