Panoramondo Review

Panoramondo Review

Sep 13, 2012

Augmented reality apps for Android are becoming more popular. For the uninitiated, think of augmented reality as an overlay on real life. What I mean is, most Android apps will use the rear facing camera to view the world. On the Android’s screen, additional information is displayed about whatever is being viewed; kind of like a heads-up-display in a plane.

Panoramondo is a great augmented reality app for Android to use while traveling. While in an unknown area, simply start the Panoramondo app and let the GPS satellites find the location of the Android. What will happen is, names of different cities will start to appear on the screen as an overlay. If nothing is there, try to point the rear-facing camera in a different direction. There is a setting to choose a distance. What the distance setting does is limits the cities displayed on the overlay to the cities falling within that distance.

Imaging backpacking or being totally lost. Getting out the trusty Android and starting Panoramondo will be a sure fire way to find the path to the nearest town. Keep in mind, Panoramondo doesn’t just pick up the the big cities. There is a town near me with less than 500 people living there and that town was displayed. Even large mountain ranges will have their name displayed on the screen.

After finding a near by town, tap on the name of the city. A map of showing an “as the crow flies” distance from the location of the Android device to the town selected. That means, the distance does not take into account how far it would take to drive there following any roads.

If desired, a picture can be taken of the landscape with the overlay showing the town, current altitude, compass orientation and the altitude of the selected location. One thing to try if the locations displayed in the overlay are jumping all over the place is to adjust the Compass Noise Filter. Doing so should fix the problem.

Panoramondo Review Rundown

User Interface - There isn't a lot to the app in the way of controls. Everything is based on what is on the screen.
Usefulness - Most augmented reality apps for Android are mad for a specific task. In this case, this is a great all for anyone who travels.
Performance - Once the Compass Noise Filter was adjusted, Everything worked great!
Value - If you are a traveler or like to be in the outdoors, you will like this app a lot of you get lost.
Overall - Panoramondo is a great app and does what it says it will do. However, its not the kind of app you just buy to try. You will probably get board with it if you are not a traveler.

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