Pictionary Review

Pictionary Review

Apr 30, 2017

We’ve seen a lot of variants, and now we get to see the “the” board game come to life — digitized — to Android.

We are talking about Pictionary, people.

There are two modes to get involved in: Quick Draw and Turn-Based. The game politely suggests starting with the latter as a learner, and then we’re off to playing.pict3

Now, if you’ve played “real” Pictionary, the gameplay will be familiar. Basically, you and another player pair up to guess words and phrases listed on cards. One player selects a clue card, and the idea is for that player to draw a clue that allows the partner to guess the clue word… in essence, artwork to unlock the word.

You draw, they guess, then they draw you guess. There are prizes to be won, and the game comes alive intuitively.

In the other game mode (Quick Draw), you get to team with a player to play against two others in real time. This is a race… best be fast. Whichever pair figures out the target word or phrase first wins.

The game is fantastic in theory. Who wouldn’t want the classic dinner party game in digital form? There are some aspects that make it hard, and no surprise really… we have seen the same on similar games. For example, there is an easy way to cheat the game; simply hand write the word to be guessed.

Then, there is always the possibility to pair up with some unknown propensity to draw unmentionable body parts; as such, a degree of care has to be taken.

In any case, it is an enjoyable game, if a bit predictable in places. The ability to create local group play would be a fantastic touch; any form of localized group play could be a game changer of sorts, as well as player feedback system.

Pictionary Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great UI and tools.
Controls - Simple finger controls makes sense and work well
Gameplay - Fun in theory; there are some issues with remote playability.
Replay Value - Great time waster.
Overall - A fun digital iteration.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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