Pilot Brothers Review

Pilot Brothers Review

Jun 24, 2013

Pilot Brothers is a kidnap mystery caper from Android gaming stalwart G5.

This game does not take itself too seriously, and this is clear right off the bat. First, we have the mystery: a rare, striped elephant has been stolen, and its up to Brother Chief and Brother Colleague to figure it out.

Yes, you read that correctly.

It comes with a point and click tutorial that shows how to find active area and items, and how to guide the brothers, and how to use items to complete tasks.

From there, it told directly into the game. Using items from the inventory, actions had to be initiated. For example,pilot1 getting into the zoo is a mini-adventure all by itself, with water, screeching cats and the distressing distraction of an enormous hippo heiny.

A key to successful gameplay is recognizing important objects, and interacting with them. It also means figuring out how to use the siblings in tandem, like using a piano to cause jumping. The riddles are fun and challenging without being overly silly. There is a healthy dose of the whimsical incorporated into the game; instantly growing bananas are an interesting touch. It is possible to switch characters to complete a task, and some of the tasks seem to call for a specific brother.

The gameplay is highlighted by the zaney artwork. The game environment is creatively rendered, with gleefully atypical looks. The animals, buildings and animations all come together to create a very unique graphical interface. The different scenes all have the unique character that are underlined by the purposely jumpy animations

My biggest gripe will probably sound somewhat weird: I felt that the gameplay got a bit too involved at times. A few solution sequences seemed contrived, almost forced. I also thought it was almost too easy to get hints.

It’s still hard not to enjoy this game, and to be fair, I didn’t even try not to. For something different, give it a try; the app is initially free with an in-app purchase required for full unlocking, so there should be little fear.

Pilot Brothers Review Rundown

Graphics - Atypically fun.
Controls - Tap, tap, tap!
Gameplay - Nice point and click mystery.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Another SOLID offering from G5.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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