Pirate Blitz Review

Pirate Blitz Review

Nov 20, 2013

Pirate Blitz is made in a very old-school way, proving that this way still works alright. It’s a top-down shooter, where the player controls a small ship that has to sustain an endless pirate invasion. The ship is controlled with two virtual sticks. Pressing on the left side of the screen will spawn a stick to move the ship around, and pressing on the right side will spawn another one, to aim and shoot. There’s also a bomb at the top of the screen that can be pressed to create a super-attack, after it recharges for some time. And these are all the controls for this game. The whole time, you simply move around the level, pick up power-ups and gold, and shoot at everything that moves.

Well, not quite everything. There are also some survivors that swim around in lifeboats. They need to be picked up, adding to a kill-streak multiplier, and giving some bonus gold at the end. The enemies are pleasantly varied, by the way. Some can launch mines, some are flying, some can slow the ship down, and there are many more. Killing them will obviously add to a kill-streak, and also may spawn a power-up that will change the ship’s weapon for several seconds, or some bonus gold.
Pirate Blitz 3
Gold in Pirate Blitz can be spent on various upgrades. There are different boats that can be purchased, each having its own characteristics, upgrades for these boats that improve this or that stat, one-time power-ups, and super-attacks. The prices are high, as expected from a free-to-play game, but not unattainable. The gold is given rather fairly at the end of each run.

All in all, Pirate Blitz doesn’t try anything new, but tries – and succeeds, in my opinion, to be fun as much as possible. It’s definitely an enjoyable little shooter with some heart in it, and its free-to-play mechanics are almost unnoticeable. Its comic-styled graphic design and simple, yet enjoyable gameplay, not only make it fun for a free-to-play game, but simply make it a fun mobile game. It could help to have some more levels with some sort of distinct feeling in them, but other than that, and the lack of fixed control buttons, I frankly couldn’t think of any real issues with it. Pirate Blitz is just a really well-made game.

Pirate Blitz Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Cartoony style of fine quality.
Controls - Simple and fine, but lack an option to make them fixed in place.
Gameplay - No issues here.
Replay Value - Completely engaging.
Overall - Been a while since I last played a fun free-to-play action.

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