Pivvot Review

Pivvot Review

Sep 24, 2013

Pivvot is nothing if not eye-catching. Its stark graphics and simple gameplay demand attention. But how does it play?

Pivvot’s concept is as simple as it gets. You control a rotating circle that moves along a line. As you move along you’ll see obstacles you need to avoid, lest you crash into them and die. To do so you use very simple two finger controls that rotate your intrepid circle left or right.

While this sounds like an incredibly simple concept, in practice it is extremely challenging. The game starts off simple with easily avoided obstacles such as Screenshot_2013-09-23-07-28-13spikes that only take up one side of the course, but quickly adds in much harder ones that require exact positioning, like lines of small walls that move constantly.

It’s when these obstacles are mixed together that the gameplay really takes off as you’ve faced with a long line of spinning blades, spikes and barriers that are more than tough to get past. You’ll die early and often as you smash into yet another perilously spiky protrusion. Fortunately dying only sets you back a small distance on the course, short enough to guard against repetitiveness but far enough that you’ll need more than luck to get past that trickly bit that keeps killing you.

Pivvot’s soundtrack is enjoyable if extremely repetitive. Pumping techno music pulses in the background as you play and everything in the game moves along with the music, giving it an almost hypnotic feeling.Screenshot_2013-09-23-07-14-22 I am a huge electronica fan so this music should really appeal to me. Unfortunately, the music just didn’t click with me, and the single track for each difficulty is especially noticeable if you keep dying as you’ll constantly hear the same part of the music. I would appreciate a few different tracks or perhaps a random mix of different tracks.

Pivvot features two game modes, the basic Journey mode where you make your way along a course that is partly randomly generated and partly fixed until you reach the end and an endless mode which is exactly what it sounds like. There are also expert versions of both of these, and an incredibly difficult endless Berzerk mode. Remarkably for a mobile game there is no IAP whatsoever in Pivvot and you unlock new courses only by completing previous ones. This is a breath of fresh air to anyone who is used to being nickeled and dimed by games.

At the end of the day Pivvot is definitely an acquired taste. Its punishing difficulty and minimalist gameplay won’t be for everyone, but if you’re an electronica fan or just like simple games you’ll likely love Pivvot.

Pivvot Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple, yet effective.
Controls - Default is far too sensitive but overall good.
Gameplay - Easy to learn, frustrating to master.
Replay Value - Not the deepest game.
Overall - Pivvot is an enjoyable if simple game with a striking style.

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