Plague Inc. Review

Plague Inc. Review

Oct 22, 2012

Plague Inc. is my new favorite game. The goal of the game is to kill off the human race through disease. Pretty different, huh? Starting out, the only option to kill off humanity is bacteria. After the humans are eradicated with one type of plague, a new option opens up. There are seven different ways to kill off the humans. Each one has pros and cons to it. Some will transfer from person to person better than others while some may travel better through the air with ease.

Start off by picking a country to start infecting people. My recommendation is to start in Australia. Also, in the top right corner, it is possible to fast forward time so the game doesn’t take as long to play. Popping the orange and red bubbles will produce DNA points. The points are used to “buy” upgrades to the disease. The upgrades will help the plague transfer faster or dodge a cure better.

What I found to work as a good strategy is to make the plague as infectious as possible then make it lethal. Adding the symptoms after it is super transmittable will make it less likely for a cure to be started early on in the game. Also countries will be less likely to close their borders. The more tame the plague is, the less likely it is to be noticed. Use the bars at the bottom of the screen when adding symptoms and making it more infectious. The meters will show how much more lethal one symptom will make the plague than another.

Sit back and watch the world try to fight off the end of the human race. As more people die, the progress of the cure slows because there are less people working to find a way to stop the plague. After the game is done, there is a rating of how well the task of killing everyone was completed. If desired, in-game purchases of are a possibility. For example, one of the purchases is to unlock the next plague option. All of the cheats can be earned by playing the game though.

Plague Inc. Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Not too much going on in the graphics department. The sounds are a little random and sometimes creepy.
Controls - The controls are pretty simple. Tap what you want to access.
Gameplay - The strategy is pretty complex. Different areas of the world need different immunities to survive and transmit.
Replay Value - I'm hooked. I've played it over and over and over
Overall - This is a great game. Once you start playing, it's a hard game to put down.

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  • John_Kovac

    Me too. I’m hooked to this game. Upgrade Transmission first then Abilities and Symptoms simulateneously.