Planet Descent Review

Planet Descent Review

Feb 28, 2014

Most people wish they were doing something extraordinary, such as running Google, being an Ice Cream taste tester, or piloting a space ship. Sadly, most of us will only be able to act out these dreams through some sort of simulation or game, which is where Planet Descent comes in. In this title, you pilot a space ship around a 2D playing area, dodging asteroids while collecting minerals for fun and profit.

This game inhabits a similar approach to the PC game Lunar Flight, except Planet Descent, as previously mentioned, is 2D rather than 3D. Planet Descent is also quite a bit easier, lacking a lot of the realism or complicated controls used on similar type games. That’s not to say that this mobile title isn’t challenging, but you certainly won’t need years of NASA training to get it either.


Probably one of the best things going for this game is that the developer took what appears to be a simple game, and gave it some variety. While collecting the green minerals is almost always your primary goal, there are plenty of secondary goals involving keeping your hide safe and doing some intuitive flying. Things such as clobbering surface to air guns or avoiding an asteroid belt will also be spun into the mix, making what could have been a dull game, a slightly nerve racking but lively time in Planet Descent.


The game also uses a noir-like art style, reminiscent of games such as Limbo, but with color. This actually helps the game stand out a little more while also making it easier to distinguish your ship from other objects.

Planet Descent is well worth the 99 cents, and will make you feel a lot better than you would after eating something off the dollar menu. It’s usage of physics, great controls, and neat art style combine to make a pretty delightful experience. Planet Descent isn’t going to rock anyone’s socks off, but it is a hidden gem in a sea of disastrous apps and games.

Planet Descent Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - A unique shadowy art style along with the classic space sounds.
Controls - Great controls, but will require your full attention.
Gameplay - Reminiscent of many old 2D arcade like games, but still looks modern.
Replay Value - Sometimes the game gets irritating, resulting in one stopping playing temporarily.
Overall - Good, not great, and terribly addictive.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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