Plight of the Zombie Review

Plight of the Zombie Review

Jul 10, 2012

With the countless zombie games out there, Plight of the Zombie stands out by way of premise. Instead of killing zombies, the objective is to feed them. Yes, this game supports ending zombie hunger for good.

In this game, the player leads a zombie towards his dinner – brains and humans. Certain objects like wooden planks and steel bars make it a challenge for the zombie to navigate toward his meal. Humans can also carry guns and ammo which means death to the poor, starving zombie.

Moving the zombie is done by tracing the direction they’re supposed to take – either away from, or towards a target. The track is indicated by little green dots which can be readjusted by letting go of the current track, bringing it back to the zombie and making another path. One way to not get shot is to avoid being spotted by humans with flash lights. A zombie can “turn” a human by attacking him – once this is done, a player can also manipulate that zombie into eating or navigating through the area. These “turned” zombies can also be used as bait for the main zombie to accomplish its end goal. Some zombies are tolerant to bullets, while some aren’t. Some zombies are also bigger than others and this prevents them from passing through a narrow entrance.

A profile of each zombie is shown when it first becomes available to the user. From this, a player should get an idea whether or not the zombie can survive getting shot. A store is available for dressing up a zombie using brain bucks. These accessories include viking caps and banana hats. It’s not clear whether these items add anything valuable to the zombie who will use it. The first 30 levels of this game is free, with the succeeding ones costing $0.99. Upon completing the first level, one would need to download the next one – and this requires internet connection. It also seems to require that the game is kept open during the entire download period, as closing it might also stop the download progress.

The game is not only engaging and funny, but it also actually makes one think. The controls are simple enough to get used to as it only involves dragging paths for the zombie. I like that there is no need to do anything else other than that. One thing I noticed with this game is its loading times (for each level) which I feel takes longer than usual – probably because of the heavier graphics. But once the game is loaded, game play is smooth and responsive. Although the graphics are great in this game, I sometimes wish it had bigger ones. Even with a 4.3″ screen, I found the objects too small which makes them hard to select at times.

Plight of the Zombie is a refreshing addition to the puzzle/strategy category and is surely worth a try for zombies and non-zombie addicts alike. It can be addictive enough to justify buying more levels for those who really get to love the game.

Plight of the Zombie Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - One of the better designed games in its genre in terms of graphics, this should make brain-eating more appealing.
Performance - Other than loading times, the game runs great without any unexpected (and unpleasant) surprises.
Re-Play Value - Unless one is willing to pay for succeeding levels, there's not much to go around with its 30 free levels.
Game Play - Game controls is minimal, which is a great thing in this case - makes you focus more on strategy.
Overall - This game is great because it's unique and funny - something completely different from other zombie games. Sadly, if one wants to keep playing, one has to keep paying.

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