Pocket God Review

Pocket God Review

Jul 12, 2011

Pocket God has seen huge success on iOS, and as a result, it has made its way to the Android platform. A lot of people have poked their pygmies and spread double rainbows across the sky on the iOS, but does this game have what it takes to compete on Android?

Pocket God offers up simple gameplay – just tap or drag an object, or a pygmy, and use it to interact with other objects or pygmies. You can fry your pygmies with a magnifying glass, feed them to a shark, scare them with a ghost, or terrorize them with a giant dinosaur, but ultimately, the results are the same no matter what activity you engage in; your pygmies will react in a whimsical manner. Watching your pygmies react to the world around them is the single reward for doing any activity this game has to offer. If you paint a double rainbow across the sky, your pygmies will freak out just like the guy in the Youtube video Pocket God draws inspiration from. Feed your pygmies to a shark, and they’ll panic as they plunge down into the mouth of the aquatic predator. In short, each task is simple, and the reward for doing it is equally simple – do a silly thing, get a silly reward.

Pocket God has several islands for you to explore, and each island has its own set of items you can interact with. One ice-covered island lets you build an igloo for your pygmies, while another tropical island allows you to help your pygmies build a fire. The various islands bring some much needed variety to the game.

The graphics and sound make those simple rewards worth experiencing. The pygmies in Pocket God are well animated, and the sound does a great job of complimenting the attractive art. Pocket God might be light on objectives and actual gameplay, but you’ll definitely find all of the animations and sound effects amusing, and ultimately worth experiencing.

There’s a fine line between a game and a toy. A game offers conditions for victory, and a set of rules that confine what you can do to reach that victory. A toy just lets you play around with it to satiate your imagination. If you think of Pocket God as a game, you’ll be disappointed. There aren’t any goals, nor is there any sort of structure to the experience. If you think of it as a toy, you’ll have a great time feeding your pygmies to sharks, and lighting them on fire.

The charming graphics and sound combined with the light investment of time necessary to make something funny happen make this toy worth playing with. The total lack of rules and objectives makes this game a dud.

Pocket God Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - Pocket God looks and sounds great. The various pygmy animations are definitely worth checking out.
Controls - Each tap of your finger, or swipe across the screen does exactly what it's supposed to do.
Gameplay - Unfortunately, there just isn't much game in this game. Think of it as a toy and you'll love it, but as a game it falls flat.
Replay Value - While the animations are amusing, you'll only want to see them so many times before getting bored with Pocket God
Overall - Pocket God is a great toy - just don't expect much else from it.

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