Pocket League Story Review

Pocket League Story Review

Nov 7, 2011

Being a longtime FIFA Manager mode enthusiast, I’ve been looking for a similar experience on my phone for a while. While not being a perfect fit, it’s safe to say that Pocket League Story does provide enough content to tide the FIFA fan over until they get home to their consoles.

Pocket League Story puts you, a new manager, at the helm of a newly formed team as they slowly work their way up from unknown to a worldwide powerhouse. You achieve this in the predictable way of signing and developing players, building a fan base, and, of course, winning games. The game does a good job of speeding things up, the leagues generally only contain about 5 or 6 teams and you only play each team once. Finishing first will earn you a promotion to a better league, and after two or three seasons the process repeats. A good addition is the ability to play in single games during the offseason to earn some more experience and money.

While you cannot participate in games, each game is shown live for you to watch. This is the most impressive part of the app because these games are generally very entertaining and incredibly true to life in terms of positioning and decisions. It would be nice, however, to be able to skip this presentation. Every game earns or costs you fans, support, and money adding a good touch of realism.

The cartoony, manga-inspired art design might turn people off and the game is not as deep as other similar apps. There seems to be a kind of confusion about what exactly this game wants to be; it’s not deep enough to completely satisfy hardcore Manager Mode fans, but it’s too deep for casual fans. For example, training points are earned throughout the game for special practice sessions which must be carried out individually, but there is no control over how much to offer a player that you’re looking to pick up.

All that aside, this game is worth looking at for any soccer fan if you feel that the $4.99 price is worth it.

Pocket League Story Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics are pixel art which will turn some people away. But the game animates really great and the sound holds up well enough.
Controls - The buttons don't always resister and looking though lists can be a hassle. Fortunately a optional virtual D-Pad can be used that makes everything much easier while taking away minimal screen space.
Gameplay - Everything is easy enough to understand but harder to master which is a good thing. Everything is laid out in a very sensible way. Game loads quickly for the most part, but major slow downs do happen in the simulated games. Happens about once a game for a few seconds. Other than that, game runs swiftly.
Replay Value - With the high level of charm and the need to improve your team, this game can be quite addicting as you promise yourself this is the last game you're playing for the night over and over again.
Overall - If you can stomach the $4.99 price tag this game is addicting and is worth picking up.

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Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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