Pokémon Duel Review

Pokémon Duel Review

Jan 31, 2017

It’s a Pokémon world. You and I just live in it.

Yes, that insane Pokémon GO is still turning heads it seems, and on the heel of that, we should expect more games to take advantage of the mindshare. In Pokemon Duel, we get that: the lovable creatures set to a digitized tabletop game that is made for duels.

The true essence of Pokémon, no?

There’s backstory too. Look, you (the player) are taking part in the — wait for it — the “Pokemon Figure Game World Championship” at Carmonte Island. The grand prize? A skyscraper known as the Jewel Tower.pd3

The game has a tutorial that introduces folks the the gameplay basics and the visuals that make up the game. To begin, the games gives you a “Duel Set” (figures and plates) and a mask, and then walks you through a shadow match of sorts.

There are different gameplay modes: local multiplayer, online duels and even the ability to be a spectator at featured duels.

After the tutorial, the game is open for the taking. If you pick the online duel, the play opens up just as is shown in the tutorial: you get a set of Pokemon pieces and plates; the game selects an opponent, and the match is set.The main idea is to get to the goal of the opposing player before he/she/AI can do the same to you. Whoever gets there first wins the match and earns goodies and XP.

What makes it stand out is the nature of the gameplay; there is a decent amount of depth. It comes across as a less glamorous form of chess, and the ad hoc battling (involving spinning wheels and other elements) is a nice twist. Different pieces have different abilities, and the game adds in fusing and leveling. It does involve strategy, and the different modes help keep it fresh.

In retrospect, the tutorial feels detailed, but probably won’t be nearly enough to get a good understanding of the game. Thankfully, there is a training portal that uses challenges to help bridge the gap; the game becomes much more enjoyable much quicker with this.

If PVP is not you’re thing (or you’ve had enough of blasted rattatas), this one might fall flat. One can spend real money, but it’s possible to enjoy without.

Or… you could try this, bounce around the leagues and be a beast. Hey now…

Pokémon Duel Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fun looks, glitzy in parts, utilitarian in others.
Controls - Fairly intuitive.
Gameplay - Dueling with RPG elements.
Replay Value - Fun enough to come back to. again and again.
Overall - An engaging use of the flavor of the time.

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