PowerAmp Music Player For Android

PowerAmp Music Player For Android

Nov 10, 2010

It wasn’t soon after Winamp released its beta media player that we caught news of another diamond in the rough. Originally only available through 3rd party downloads, “PowerAmp” has since found its way to the Android Market. First it was released in trial form but we now have the “Full” paid version available for $4.99. This newest addition to the music player market is one that will completely change the way you view mobile music players. PowerAmp is by far the most feature rich medial player I have had the pleasure of using.

As soon as you see PowerAmp you are visually impressed. The rich, sleek UI is extremely sexy and comes in 3 different color themes. PowerAmp scans and loads up music almost instantaneously. Songs can be played from pre-selected folders or from the standard Android system library. Poweramp will find and download album art which is not only static but becomes interactive upon swiping. Unlike most media players, PowerAmp gives users amazing sound control with their 10 band equalizer and preamp controls. Pretend you’re an audio engineer as you tweak all the multiple settings or simply choose one of the many presets made available.

Widget customization is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Multiple sized widgets are available and can be customized by size, album art or background display. Easily change your phone into a portable music player with Power Amp’s “Lock Screen” support which is also fully customizable. Poweramp’s available options are insane and I can’t remember the last time I had such control over a mobile music player. Set songs as ringtones, get info, sort folders, shuffle by Artist/Album/Genre for main “SHUFFLE” button, headset controls and even scrobbling support via “Last.fm” or “Scrobble Droid.” I could go on forever but I promised myself I wouldn’t spoil all the fun. Check out some other key features below and then go check out the trial version before you buy:

  • Plays mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, aac.
  • 10 band graphical equalizer for all supported formats, 10 presets, separate tone controls, optimized NEON SIMD optimized.
  • Tag editor
  • Startup Screen selection.
  • Various advanced Folder options, like system scanner disabler or non-unicode tag encoding selection.
  • Various Look and Feel tweaks, like screen orientation, Status Bar options, etc.
  • Works on Android 2.1+.

If you’ve been looking for a music player replacement or are an Audiophiliac I implore you to go download PowerAmp from the Android Market. PowerAmp is currently my music player of choice (winamp who?) and may remain that way for a long, long time.

PowerAmp Music Player For Android Rundown

Appearance - Visually stunning and sleek with multiple themes FTW.
User Interface - Extremely easy and smooth. Widgets, album art controls, etc.. give the users full control.
Functionality - Functions better than any other music player available. Control multiple levels through the EQ and tone controls and listen to music the way YOU want to.
Lasting Appeal - I see myself using Poweramp as my music player for a very long time.
Overall - By far the best mobile music player I have ever used.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Guru5s

    Hello, my first impression of Power Amp is very positive. However, there is one important feature that I have not been able to locate; how do I sort playlist track by name? With a large library, this is a key feature for me. Is this a feature provided wit the full paid version of PA? My hardware software is:

    Windows XP professional
    Droid X
    Double Twist Media manager


  • Thanks for pointing that out to me. You are correct, there currently is no option to sort playlist tracks. You should post your request on the developers site, hopefully it’s something he’s working on. However, there is a solution but it is a pain. When you have your playlist open, you can add any already existing song into that same playlist (essentially duplicating it). Just start with the first song you want, long-press on it and add it to playlist. Then continue with the songs in whatever order you wish. After you are finished just go ahead and delete all duplicates and voila you now have an organized playlist. I know, it shouldn’t be this hard, and I can only hope for a future update because PowerAmp is my favorite music player at this time. Here’s a link to the PowerAmp’s forums where you can post about issues and stay current on updates and feature improvements. http://bit.ly/97eKFj