Punch Quest Review

Punch Quest Review

May 9, 2013

One of my favorite games of 2012 was undoubtedly Punch Quest. Rocketcat Games’ endless puncher’s only flaw? It wasn’t on Android yet. Well, Noodlecake Games, in their first published title after the launch of Super Stickman Golf 2, have rectified this situation. And oh how sweet it is to be playing this amazing game on mobile.

Unlike most endless runners where there’s little to no combat, this is all about punching one’s enemies. It’s more of a beat ’em up with automatic running instead of an endless runner. The fighting is surprisingly complex despite there only being three different inputs: forward punching, uppercutting, and blocking, though each has different functions based on different situations. For example, uppercutting in the air is actually a dive punch. Upgrades can tweak the way that punches work, or give them special functions. But it’s the interplay of the attacks and the way that each enemy has a particular strategy that works best – and ones that don’t work quite so well – that players need to learn and master in order to do well at the game.


The thing that I have realized in playing the game over with a clean slate has been just how much skill is actually involved. Yes, the upgrades will definitely help, that is undoubtedly true. But the skills I’ve accumulated by playing the game for hours on end have gone a long way toward improving the kinds of scores that I’m getting with minimal upgrades. For really high scores, will they require some more expensive upgrades? Oh, definitely. Later upgrades get pricey, and definitely make spending money on coins worth it, but that’s after many hours of play. Its the way that games like this should work. The game has launched as a paid app on Google Play because it’s impermissible to go from being a free app to a paid app, so they launched as paid, like the app briefly was on iOS. The game has launched with all the latest upgrades, however, and there’s plenty to do for free.

The port to Android is on par with Noodlecake’s other work – it’s high quality and virtually identical to the iOS version. All the content from the latest updates are here. What’s missing is the support for leaderboards. I’ll say it again: Google needs to release a Game Center equivalent now!

Punch Quest does not disappoint. This is an absolute must-play. It was last year, it still is now.

Punch Quest Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Fantastic pixel art and a great, catchy soundtrack.
Controls - Minus some occasional quibbles with triggering blocks, the two-thumb control scheme works brilliantly.
Gameplay - This game is absolutely ingenious and balanced extremely well.
Replay Value - It's easy to jump in to session after session, and to play for hours on end.
Overall - One of the best games on mobile, period.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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