Push Panic Review

Push Panic Review

Jun 6, 2014

Four years ago, Dutch developer Barry Kostjens and Dutch art designer Ricardo de Zoete brought Push Panic on to iOS. Now, four years later, the duo brings the classic fast-paced puzzle game to Android. Did it stand the test of time?


In Push Panic, players have to tap falling blocks of the same color. That’s the base of the game – to spice things up a bit, Kostjens and De Zoete thought of some neat gameplay mechanics to make sure players will not get bored real fast with the concept. One of those concepts is that the game offers realistic physics. It sounds more uncommon than it actually is and it works in favor of the game. Blocks can fall on top or stumble next to each other, making it hard to predict where to blocks will fall and what players can do with them afterwards.

The goal of the game is to combine as many blocks of the same color as possible before making them disappear. But beware – if the pile of blocks reach the limit of the level, they will fall off-screen, resulting in a game over screen. Players have to make quick decisions on which type of blocks they will want to make disappear, because before they now it, they are out of time. To the players performance, there is a score and also a bronze, silver of golden medal attached. By combining different sized blocks (also of the same color), score multipliers or even special link blocks, players can get the most out of their playtime with Push Panic – but it does require some strategy.

If one would look at Push Panic for the first time, the idea could rise that this is just a mere puzzle game for kids. The game looks very colorful and bright. One other feature that shows that the designers really took some thought in making Push Panic, is that the chosen color gets highlighted on screen, so there is no mistake possible in tapping as many same colored blocks for that moment. In the past four years, it is clear that the game hasn’t lost a single drop of magic and therefore, it stood the test of time.

Push Panic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Push Panic has a really catchy tune, looks great.
Controls - Controls are sublime, fits the game very well.
Gameplay - The core mechanic is really well made, and so are the other elements.
Replay Value - There are enough levels to get players going, and there is the high score system...
Overall - Push Panic stood the test of time. Like it came out today for the first time.

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