Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure Review

Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure Review

Apr 29, 2014

Qix is a very old game for Atari, which started a small subgenre of arcade games. Players need to navigate with arrows and cut pieces off of the game field, while evading Microsoft Windows screensavers. Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure does this part pretty well – but every other mechanic isn’t helping the experience.

Although I can’t say that Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure is a bad game, it’s quite disappointing. The story tells about a space explorer, who boldly goes where no man has ever died before, accompanied by a female-looking AI. He needs to “explore” parts of space and destroy the strange Qix invaders that fly around it. The basic gameplay hasn’t changed, but to complete a level now, the player needs to fill the region that has a planet, after which the level is completed and the players gets some gold as a reward – the amount of said gold is laughably low, by the way, and it hardly changes even for advanced levels.

The main way of getting gold, or the rarer currency, is by completing small challenges, like surviving for some time. There are also power-ups that can slow the invaders that can be picked up. The gold is mostly spent on ship upgrades that are very basic, don’t add any new elements to the gameplay, and cost quite a lot. There are also lives that can Qix Galaxy 2only restore after more than 10 minutes. They’re a lot better than energy, to be fair, since you don’t need to spend one to successfully complete a level, but still end up limiting the game time – especially on advanced levels.

The only mechanic that actively helps the player in Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure, is booster – a magical red button to the right of the screen that boosts the ship’s speed, wasting more fuel in the process – the boost is ever so slight, but it’s enough to make many otherwise challenging levels a cakewalk.

In conclusion, I didn’t like Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure very much – but it might just be because it’s not as interesting, or different from other level-slicing games, as I expected. It looks pretty good, and it’s still free, so if you don’t mind the free-to-play limitations very much, it’s a pretty fine arcade.

Qix Galaxy: Space Adventure Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks good.
Controls - Buttons would be a lot handier than dragging finger across the screen.
Gameplay - Felt kind of staple for me.
Replay Value - Lots of levels and ability to replay older ones for higher score.
Overall - It's alright, mostly.

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  • aliona4ever

    Tony, allow me a correction: originally, Qix was a TAITO’s game, not Atari’s