Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz Review

Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz Review

Sep 16, 2013

It is common knowledge that free to play collectable card games or monster battle games are a huge hit in Japan. Games like Puzzle and Dragons are so popular in the eastern markets that they’ve been perceived as a threat to the thriving arcade business over there, with at least one arcade banning the playing of that game on its premises. A quick search through the Google Play store will find you a myriad of collectable card type games ranging from Pokemon knockoffs to CCG apps with their own twist. Recently, a new app has appeared in the Google Play store that might be the most unique of the CCG adaptations one has ever seen called Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz.

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As evidence by the title, Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz mashes the worlds of card wizardry or CCGs with essentially a quiz game. Just like players would see in most any CCG from Magic the Gathering to Digimon, the game requires one to collect different cards with differing elements that are strong or weak against other cards, based on those same elements. As one can do in games like Monster Rancher, players in Quiz RPG can combine their cards or monsters to make them more powerful.

But where this title stands out is how battles are conducted. Randomly, an option of 4 different questions, hidden behind their category, are presented to the player to choose from. Anything and everything you can think of is on the board for the quiz portion of this game too; Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Sports, Geography, you name it, could be a category of question thrown at a player. But its not strategic to just pick categories haphazardly however, as each of the 4 questions will also have an element assigned to it, which will allow whatever cards you have in your hand to attack the enemies one faces.


The questions themselves range in difficulty, anything from the number of NBA titles LeBron James has to the dates and names of ancient greek battles, Quiz RPG exceeds a game like Trivial Pursuit in terms of the broad array of questions it throws at a player, as well as how entertaining it is. Quiz RPG is a bar trivia game meets Digimon in a free to play setting without any paywalls or pay to win elements.

Players will also be shocked with the amount of attention put into the artwork. Done all in an anime style, the game contains an opening video that appears to have had some time put into it. Everything in the game, from the vibrant colors to the stills of the various wizards to even the maps and backgrounds are all beautiful and amazing to look at. It’s clear there was some heart put into Quiz RPG.

Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz has so much going for it and contains so many wonderful things. From the gameplay to the graphics, almost any player can enjoy this game, quiz show fans and eastern card base RPG junkies alike.

Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz Review Rundown

Graphics/ Sound - Amazing, majestic, beautiful graphics!
Controls - There is a lot going on in this game, so sometimes trying to maneuver the screen is a pain.
Gameplay - The combination of trivia game and CCG really sinks its claws int you.
Replay Value - Because there is so much variety, players will keep coming back for more without getting bored.
Overall - Both fans of western and eastern games can appreciate what World of Mystic Wiz is doing here. Great mashup, stupendous game.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

Mike Deneen
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  • Alice

    This is one of the best games, I’ve ever played. Hey! If you want to play just use this code! “ETT2RAF” :)

  • Alice

    * “ETT2RAF3” :3

  • Andre Chai

    Short Version: 
    Innovative quiz format mixed with addicting collectible card game format equals a very entertaining experience! Use my invite code CHAUYMCS in all capital letters to get a boost in the game.

    Full Review:
    If you are into collectible card games and answering lots of trivia questions you will probably enjoy playing Quiz RPG. The great thing about this game and what differentiates it from the rest of the CCGs available on mobile devices is the trivia format of battling. The trivia questions are made up of different categories: science, entertainment, sports, history, geography. As a warning much of the questions are slanted towards an American perspective (lots of American sport questions and many American related geography and entertainment questions) so be aware of this before you start playing. 

    In this game you have three elements: fire, lightning and water. The questions come in three difficulty levels based on the number of colors the question supports. A three color question will be the most difficult while a one colored question will be the easiest. Keep in mind however that the difficulty of the questions themselves are actually based on player answer choices! So some one colored questions may actually be difficult if you aren’t accustomed to American related knowledge in all the trivia categories!

    Having said that, this game is easier than Ayakashi (more free player friendly) and Valkyrie Crusade (no extra features to pay currency with). If you have played Ayakashi as a free player before you will know the difficulty ramps up significantly once you are trying to get the Lady Suzuka stones! This game doesn’t have such a cutthroat environment. However obtaining cards outside of events in this game can be frustrating if you don’t have the in game currency to spend.

    This game has less extra features that rely on in game currency than Valkyrie Crusade. In Valkyrie Crusade you had to spend gems to increase your energy level and buy the high end buildings like the elemental buildings. Not in this game. In Quiz RPG you can use the in game currency to gamble for rare cards, refill energy level, continue a battle in case your whole party dies, expand card space and that’s pretty much about it. Unlike Valkyrie Crusade your energy levels are pretty high so you can actually get some rest. This is very important for very active free players who want to efficiently manage their energy levels. You can get about four hours of sleep at level 35 while waiting for your energy to refill which is unheard of in Valkyrie Crusade where even buying as many trees as possible you would still find yourself tired in events.

    Because it is still relatively new at the time of this review, with the game not too saturated with many actice players, the in game events are very generous with giving out in game currency. Like other CCGs the event cards you can get will be very helpful if you are a free player. They do make a noticeable difference in performance so event cards are worth striving for.

    PVP is more skilled based as it’s more balanced between your ability to answer questions and luck. Although if you do choose to use a mono color or dual color party you will have to accept the risk of not getting the right colored questions. Keep this in mind as you manage your card deck.

    The gap between spenders and free players is less because of the quiz format. One major perk about the quiz format in this game is that you are learning something as you answer the game. For those who have been out of school for a long time like myself it’s a very refreshing feeling to be able to review the things you learned in school or the shows/music you listened to growing up and enjoy yourself while playing a game all in one app. It is an ingenious idea to make a game that is not just fun and addicting but also educational. This gives this game some extra value I wouldn’t normally find in other CCGs. You will learn a lot and enjoy collecting cards which is such an excellent idea I am surprised this idea hasn’t caught on for many mobile CCG games yet!

    Finally you can get a boost by using my invite code CHAUYMCS in all capital letters. You will receive 5 Crystals which is the in game currency which you can use to get more card space, replenish your energy, aim for a chance at getting rare cards and so on. If you wish you can follow me in game my id is tyummk. Study and have fun!