Racing Rivals Review

Racing Rivals Review

Jun 13, 2014

Racing Rivals is a 2.5D drag style racing game, where players can compete againts computer controlled and (online) human opponents. At first, I though this would be another simple iteration of the old concept, but now with slicker visuals. Boy, was I wrong.

At it’s core, Racing Rivals offers a simple base. Players take control over a car in a 2.5D drag style race and have only three buttons to press. There is a launch, accelerator and shift button and every one of them a neatly placed at places one’s thumb can easily rest. Steering is not an option, bacause it thrives on speed, momentum and perfect shifting. Players will know excatly when to shift, because there is a line of blue colored dots that eventually lead onto a green one – and that’s the moment to strike. But the game requires perfect timing from its drivers. When players are a fraction to late or even to early, it gives the opponent the chance to drive right past them.


But on the other hand, when players race online, the real-life other driver could make the same mistake, and that gives hope. But it maybe necessary to upgrade the car beforehand, so players can cover actions needed to guarantee victory. And the upgrade system is quite extensive. In terms of options, it doesn’t have to bow down for realistic console racers – there is really a lot of stuff players can upgrade: from the type of wheels, to performance maintenance and from tweaking one’s grip to the best type of chassis – it is all there. Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but when players invest time in the game, it could really be worth the time. To put it in perspective: tweaking the car, can mean the difference between winning and losing, from the first race on out.

Although Racing Rivals does features in-game transactions, being a free game and all, I never felt compelled to buy anything it all. Even better: players can finish this game without even spending a dime on it, because it offers enough to do so. Things one can buy with real money are cars and upgrades, but most of the upgrades can be bought in-game with the in-game currency players collect through racing.

Racing Rivals is a thrill to play, especially online. In the singleplayer, as difficult as it is, it can be quite a drag to play those repetitive races at once, so I recommend playing in short bursts. The online mode is somewhat different, because online players can and will make the same mistake as the player, making it a bit more exciting to play. All and all, Racing Rivals is a great game with its online mode, customization options and basic controls – but just don’t play it too long at one time.

Racing Rivals Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game looks very good, but it may be it bit to shiny.
Controls - Very simple and easy to use.
Gameplay - Besides racing, players can customize their car on many different levels.
Replay Value - There is an offline and online mode.
Overall - One of the best 2.5D drag style racing games out there.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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  • godfather

    yup great games but once you,re addcited to it, once you’ve reached a very high rank with so many cars in collection, the game will automatically ban you

  • James Grylik

    Yea I het error 500 and its trying to start me over