Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch Review

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch Review

Feb 11, 2016

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch is an interesting-looking fishing sim from cross-platform powerhouse Concrete Software.

To start, the game is played in portrait; it packs in a lot of mature graphics that make use of well-blended colors. As with most fishing games, a lot of the visual output is defined by the virtual underwater experience, and in this one, the water scenes are well done, from the graceful movement of the inhabitants to the sustained murkiness all the way to the engulfing bubbles. It’s very creative, and melds looks with sound to effectively underscore the experience.rapala3

The fishing itself involves cool locations, and after selecting one, one can select a Solo Trip, Tournaments or peruse the Record books, like any serious angler would. Selecting “Solo” allows one to get to go through fishing challenges for a set period of time. Challenges include catching a number of species present, and this mode serves as an excellent beginners proving grounds.

After selecting a challenge, one is presented with a screen that has the equipment to be used, and it’s off to to the sport.

One casts by gesture swiping the lure into a hotspot, and as soon as the lure breaks the surface, the game view shifts to underwater, and one gets to shake the lure to get the fish to bite. As soon as one does, one needs to use the game mechanism to reel it in; said mechanism includes sliding the reel, knowing when to pull hard or relieve tension (using green/yellow/red imagery) and such. Success earns game currency.

The thing is, there are several different fish, and one needs to have the right equipment, and even use the right lure sequences to get the right one. As such, the game cash (and real cash, if one so desires) can be an important factor with regards to moving on.

Competition mode requires Facebook access.

The game works because the controls are fairly easy to understand and manipulate, with intuitive color-coding that denotes active occurrences that require attention. Also, the gameplay mechanism isn’t too complicated, and still manages to avoid being too illogical. It does require a tiny bit of skill with regards to being successful over time, but is simple enough to be enjoyed across generations.

Well worth the free look, in our opinion. Go ahead. Check it out.

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch Review Rundown

Graphics/SOund - Excellently done.
Controls - Mostly well done; fairly intuitive.
Gameplay - A veritable angling/fishing simulation.
Replay Value - Quite engaging.
Overall - A really enjoyable sim.

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