Rebuild Review

Rebuild Review

Feb 20, 2013

Rebuild is an interesting apocalyptic game from Sarah Northway that brings survival, end-times and zombies together in a fun, atypical way.

It had the major zombie staples: zombies are running amuck, and I had to make it to a sealed off bastion of humanity, and guard against the undead that would just love to welcome us, uh, personally to their fold.

Graphically, the developer did well to ensure that the zany artwork became a part of the gameplay, instead of distracting from it. There was a weird sort of bleakness to the abandoned All Mart that lent itself to the storyline. The hand-drawn art was from from unpleasant, and the game animations worked well. The musical score from Talking Book fit in well.

I loved how the game started; it had a a creative opening scene, that allowed me to mix and match elements of the game and my character. Using adjustable spots, I could pick gender, special tool and difficulty of the game. I could name the refuge, and what type of city I wanted it to be. This level of customization was very nice, and did well to pull me in from the beginning.

The tutorial also helped things come together, and was a nice addition. The game menu measured inputs like food against consumption, and gave an overview of our survival needs. I also had a list of equipment, survivors, dangers and a measure of our community happiness (funnily enough, this could be helped by preaching or tending bar).

At its basic level, Rebuild was a survival life simulation. There were tasks to be completed, and they were mostly logical and somewhat interdependent. I had to help expand the city, fortify newly acquired structures, produce enough food and keep the residents happy. Oh yeah, and repel zommbies and other entities interesting in destroying our community.

The game had enough variations and leveled play to make it hard to put down. Decisions made today affected the gameplay down the road. For example, admitting and encouraging sketchy people could have dire results down the line. Do you convert the school to a hospital? Or a bar? Should I tie up a body to produce more food, or have him/her work on a science project? Questions, questions…

One thing that I wished would have been included was infinite growth. There was an option to leave the city; it would have been nice for an interactive map that allowed continued interaction (and maybe movement back and forth) between home city and new satellites.

All in all, Rebuild is a really nice game that has challenging gameplay that allows for plenty of different forks in terms of outcome. I liked it WAY more than I expected to.

Rebuild Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice soundtrack, nice looks based on interesting artwork.
Controls - The controls consisted of tapping to select.
Gameplay - Recruiting, rescue missions, zombie attacks, helicopter repair: there is plenty to like.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - Well conceived; this was a well done game.

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