Reckless Racing Game Review

Reckless Racing Game Review

Nov 4, 2010

“Yee-Haw!” Break out your best overalls, crack a cold one and slide over the spittoon ’cause you’s about to use dem dere digits for somethin’ other than banjo strummin’. Leading developers Polarbit have added a new game to their vast array of racing hits for Android. This one, entitled “Reckless Racing,” is their take on good ol’ fashioned hillbilly dirt-road racing. “Reckless Racing” features traditional top-down racing gameplay, multi-player support and stunning graphics. “One foot up and one foot down, here goes an old fashioned Android Rundown.”

Single Player Mode:

  • Dirt Rally – In this mode you race against computer opponents on various slip and slide, rubber burning, mountain bending courses. There are 5 courses to choose from and an additional 5 reverse courses (which must be unlocked). Before starting you get to choose from 5 preset hillbillies each with their own set of wheels (and I’m sure gun racks come standard). Each course has a difficulty medal of “Bronze,” “Silver,” and “Gold.” Beat each one and try and improve your time for bragging rights on the global leaderboards.
  • Hot Lap – Hot Lap is essentially what most of us know as “Ghost” mode. Race against local ghosts or choose an online ghost from the global leaderboards. Hot Lap is also an endless mode, so feel free to circle the track as many times as your squirrel loving heart desires.
  • Delivery – This is a unique mode in which you must pick up various hillbilly items (pumpkins, bulls, moonshine) and transport them to their designated areas (which can be viewed on the mini-map). You earn cash for each delivery and can choose between 3 play times: “Short,” “Medium,” and “Long.” All 3 play times take place on the same course which is kind of a bummer. Now go make momma proud and buy her that trailer she’s always wanted.

Multiplayer Mode – Multiplayer mode brings the same experience as the “Single Player” except now you will be racing against online players who are much better than you. You can join a game or host one yourself. Play against strangers or call up your in-laws uncle Lester and aunt Bessie for some pig squealing multiplayer action.


First impressions: “Wow!” Graphics are extremely impressive. From shadows to lily pads, you’ll be screaming “Yeehaw!” as you watch real time tire marks populate the pavement. Okay, great eye candy but how does the game run? Amazing! I kept waiting for the game to lag, freeze, hiccup or just explode but none of the above ever happened. The sound effects put you right in the driver seat as you roar through the various terrain. The only bubble busted for me was when I launched off one of the on course ramps. I was expecting a full fledge “Dukes of Hazzard” airborne frenzy but all I got was an over the curb kind of carnival kiddie ride bump.

Game controls are touch screen and extremely responsive. You can choose from 5 different preset steering modes or you can choose to customize your very own. You can even set the steering sensitivity to fit your style of play. They really went above and beyond with the control options and I’m sure left handed people around the world will be sending them thanks.

In-game options and information are displayed as semi-transparent layers. Above your vehicle you can view things like time elapsed, position, and profile name. There is also a mini-map display and respawn button. The only gripe I have with respawns is the fact that you do not lose any time or position when manually respawning or respawning due to going off course.

While I haven’t really played a top-down racing game since “Super Off Road” I was thoroughly impressed with this $2.99 mobile racing game. These guys can teach other developers a thing or two about quality mobile gaming. I would of course like to see more courses, crash damage and some possible in-game items (like nitro).

Reckless Racing Game Review Rundown

Graphics / Sound - State of the art graphics and knee slapping banjo plucking give this game a hoedown of fun, top notch eye/ear candy.
Game Controls - Very easy and simple with numerous control options make it easy for any ol' redneck to just pick up and play. Amazingly smooth and responsive.
Gameplay - I broke my .5 increments with this one. I wanted to give it a 10 but I just couldn't. Add a couple more tracks and fix crash respawns then you can have the .2 back.
Replay Value - Multiplayer support, global leaderboards, 3 modes with different achievements is enough to keep you in the driver seat as long as your battery allows.
Overall - As close as you can get. Add crash damage and more courses!

App available on the Google Play Store »

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