Retro Football Review

Retro Football Review

Dec 21, 2011

The holidays are officially upon us. While most of the big gifts have been taken care of, small stocking stuffers might still be needed. Most people don’t think of buying paid apps for their loved ones as good gifts but I offer an argument on the contrary. Because smartphones are becoming more widely adopted by all generations, some older users may need a kick start to really begin using their phones for more than just making phone calls. For the most part a simple game might suffice, and if your recipient was a male in the 70’s then there are good odds that they will remember the old school handheld football games. While they’re as much of an accurate representation of the sport as those noisy vibrating boards, these games bear a silo full of nostalgia and will make any Baby Boomer look into figuring out how to open their app drawer.

This app brings a faithful recreation of the beloved handheld experience with smooth graphics and a simple, customizable layout. Unfamiliar to me is the pass feature, which I had never seen before in my experiences with the original game. Fortunately this option doesn’t change the core, “run only” experience because the gameplay is no different if you choose to ignore it. Even so, some fans of the “run only” style may find it to be a useful addition to the experience, but it would be nice to have the option to disable it. This is especially strange since difficulty, button layout, and quarter length are all customizable. On the other hand, something that’s really impressive is the detailed stat sheet thats accessible at any point during a game. This sheet is really nice to go through after a game, especially if you’re playing against a friend.

In terms of performance and display, Retro Football is sold on both fronts. The app never lags and the display, while seemingly lacking anti-aliased text, is very solid and colorful. If you’re looking for a great trip down memory lane for you or someone else I would totally recommend Retro Football. If you were a fan of the handheld football games of past, you will be a fan of this reincarnation.

Retro Football Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The retro gameplay "graphics" look good and smooth. The same cannot be said for the text unfortunately. Game sounds good and overall design has all the right colors.
Controls - Simple controls make for tight controls. The ability to customize the control layout is a big addition. The only complaint would be that the D-Pad is somewhat small and claustrophobic.
Gameplay - A perfect recreation of the classic game while adding the perfect amount of modern touches.
Replay Value - Anyone who's played the original handheld game knows how fun this game can be with a friend or even just solo.
Overall - Again, this game is very impressive because it simply recreates the beloved handheld experience while adding enough modern touches to keep it from seeming stale. A must look at for fans of the original.

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