INC Review

INC Review

Nov 21, 2011

INC is the latest game from OrangePixel, continuing their run of retro-styled action-platformers. This goal in each level is to try and activate three boosters in order to open up the level gate. The game has a light storyline about futuristic mega-corporations taking over the world and replacing people with robots. As such, most enemies are either random goons dressed and armed to kill, or deadly robots of all shapes and sizes. Players can get stars for killing all enemies, activating all the boosters in underneath the time limit, and for finishing with extra health. Players also can earn experience from killing enemies that can be used to power up their main weapon.

INC is great for short pick up and play sessions; OrangePixel seems to have the pacing of their games down pat. The game features cloud-based saving through OpenFeint, so stars and experience can transfer between devices. I don’t just mean between iOS devices, either; even the Android version of the game can load up cloud saves. The OrangePixel pixel art style is well in effect here, and the balance of monochromatic characters and backgrounds works really well to give the game a distinct look. Remote controls are supported, from Joypad and iCade on iOS, to keyboard and Xperia Play support on Android.

The level-up system is very annoying, in that gaining points to level up is extremely slow, then a huge amount is lost on dying. Pretty much the only way to level up is to replay the early levels over and over again, so that dying in new levels won’t reduce the meter that much. It’s just an extremely poorly implemented and user-unfriendly element that should have been revised or scrapped entirely. A lot of boosters are hidden in the environment, and thus require the shooting of random blocks in order to discover them, which doesn’t feel all that fair.

INC is not perfect, but it’s another solid action-platformer from OrangePixel. Fans of games with cloud-based saves and remote control support will want to check this one out.

INC Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great stylistic use of monochrome, and the chiptune soundtrack is high-quality.
Controls - On-screen controls are occasionally inaccurate; remote control options like Bluetooth keyboards work better.
Gameplay - Typical short-form action-platforming that OrangePixel has made their gameplay trademark.
Replay Value - While a star system exists, it feels frustrating to have to replay previous levels just to raise up the weapon level bar.
Overall - Solid yet unspectacular action-platforming from OrangePixel.

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