Even Up Review

Even Up Review

Nov 12, 2013

Different people play puzzle games for different reasons. Some of them like the challenge, solving the difficult riddles. Others like the calmness of thinking their way through the level, with nothing to disturb the meditation-like state of watching at the motionless board. For me, the interest is in learning. When I play the game for several hours, I begin to notice specific patterns of where to make the next move, or how to solve the puzzle as fast as possible. Not because I like challenges, it’s just fun to notice how you get better at something, and the puzzles provide a great opportunity to see it. To be fair, I didn’t like Even Up at first, for its absolute simplicity, and repetitive levels, but as I played it, it started to become more and more interesting, for the very reason that you do become better and better at it, while it becomes more and more challenging.

Each level of Even Up contains a tiled play-field with several orange blocks on it. Each block has a certain number on it, Even Up 2marking its level. The blocks of the same level can be combined together, if they share the same line or row, and don’t have any other blocks in the way. When two blocks are combined, they become a block of a higher level. For example, if you have two blocks with the number “2” on them in the same row, you can swipe the lower one up, or the higher one down, and they’ll mix into one block with number “3”. The goal of every level is to leave a single block on the field. The level packs are unlocked after a certain number of levels is completed, and differ by the size of the field and its difficulty.

Even Up doesn’t really have much content or variety, and presents the player with pleasant, but dry graphics and sound. To be fair, I didn’t really mind it. The game is original and engaging, and it’s everything a great puzzle has to have. There are plenty of levels that are mostly easy to solve, but do contain some challenges. Luckily, the game is undemanding, and allows the player to undo every move, or restart without any penalties. Even Up is a small, but wholly enjoyable little game.

Even Up Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Almost non-existent, but pleasantly so.
Controls - Very simple, although swiping is a tad uncomfortable.
Gameplay - Gets more interesting after a while.
Replay Value - Very engaging.
Overall - It's simple, but it's interesting.

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