A Ride into the Mountains Review

A Ride into the Mountains Review

Aug 22, 2013

It’s a pleasure to see that A Ride into the Mountains is a fun game. Because, while many people try to go for the elusive “art game” title, most of these games turn out quite repetitive and unexciting, even if highly unusual. A Ride into the Mountains, however, has simultaneously familiar, and unusual gameplay, which comes with a simple, but engaging story.

Every level of the game is a next stage of one kid’s adventure to save his family’s relic, which is located deep into the mountains, across many dangerous paths, where lots of dangerous creatures roam. The kid, however, isn’t exactly made of paper tissues. A bow and a very enduring horse are more than enough to murder everything that tries to kill the hero, as well as serve a basis of the gameplay. The game is divided into several levels, each one consisting of a bunch of encounters. In each encounter, hero should fire a bow at the enemies, until he kills every one of them, evading or shooting down their projectiles before they reach him. At the end of every level, there’s a particularly difficult boss fight, which concludes it. The game can be finished relatively quick, as dying will simply restart the current encounter, but the challenge comes from a bunch of achievements. Perhaps, it’s the only flaw of the game – it’s too short. Even collecting the achievements isn’t that much time-consuming, and the whole game can be finished in several hours. Aside from that, though, A Ride into the Mountains is cool.

A Ride into the Mountains 1The bow controls are the main task and challenge in this game. To draw the bow, the player should touch the hero and pull the finger into a direction, opposite of where he needs to strike, and when the bow gets a sufficient charge, release it. There’s also a focus mechanic that lets the player to slow time and see a precise path the arrow will take, to time and angle the shot perfectly, but it’s not always available. The player also needs to move the horse forward and back to evade the projectiles, by tilting the device. Although quite simple, the great number of different enemies gives the game needed variety. Overall, I’d say that it’s not a game for everyone. It’s short, and it has strange graphics, and several other things, but it’s a definitely interesting project. I’d suggest it to people who like experimental, genre-bending games, and aren’t bothered by the game’s relative shortness.

A Ride into the Mountains Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Old-school pre-8-bit style is unusual, but not very impressive, nostalgia aside.
Controls - Have some small issues, mostly alright.
Gameplay - Unusual and interesting.
Replay value - Getting achievements is where it's at.
Overall - It's nice and beautiful as an experience, but a bit flawed as a game.

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