Rider Review

Rider Review

Jun 30, 2017

Ketchapp has quite the reputation for games that are easy to digest. You know, games that need almost no intro or tutorial, but are simple with regards to getting into, and enjoyable to boot.

Its roster is full of games that fit this criteria, and Rider, one of its latest, looks to carry on the tradition it seems.

This one is a looker. It comes in 2D, with the neon presentation allowing one to really delve into a psychadelic adventure. If the idea is to forcibly (and delightfully) grab one’s attention, this one mostly does the deed, adding in smooth animations and explosive effects that underscore and enhance the overall gameplay concept. The bright lines with ever-changing colors against the midnight background is quite becoming, and the way the track unfolds as one plays is done very well.rider3

The gameplay isn’t overly complex, or, if one is honest, especially innovative — we’ve seen it before. The core idea is to guide a sleek vehicle along the creatively challenging track… but the control mechanism is what one might find somewhat familiar. Tapping and holding the screen allows for the vehicle to accelerate when it is on the track, and releasing the screen allows the vehicle to slow down “naturally.” The track spins round and all that, but when the vehicle is on the “ground” things are pretty good, even when one encounters the gaps that frequent the raceway.

When the vehicle is airborne — which happens quite often — things really, really get interesting. Now, the player has to figure out whether keeping the gas going is free, because, the run ends anytime the vehicle ends up upside down. When the gas is going, think of the car as a monster truck that tends to pop the front wheel(s) up, except that doing it without moderation cause the car to flip. When airborne, it causes somersaults.

Now, the airborne somersaulting can be productive. Say you rev up and lose control of the machine, and it is tending towards a run-ending crash. Well, if you have enough air, it might behoove you to go ahead and flip it, so as to right the landing. With a little bit of nerve, it is possible to make lemonade out of lemons, and to even look cute while doing it.

The raceway does its part to keep things interesting. As noted, it is fairy hard to predict, and one has to contend with barrels, holes, hills, and even track that dissolves as it is being traveled over. You will encounter air catapults and rotating blades too; beware and be ready!

The gameplay is leveled, and there are gift boxes that can be unlocked that provide better gear. There are achievements and related goodies as well, so players do have targets to aim for.

As already hinted at, the simplicity of this game is what makes it tick. It is easy on the mind, allowing it to require a bit of skill without demanding too much mental resources.

Just travel and get points.

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Graphics/Sound - Pleasant use of color; animations are topnotch.
Controls - Simple to understand and use.
Gameplay - Again, simple: go as far as you can!
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - An engaging experience.

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