Rock Runners Review

Rock Runners Review

Dec 17, 2013

Rock Runners is yet another game in the scrolling runner genre from Chillingo.

It has vibrant looks, dark without being unsightly, with a lot of color used as visual markers that serve to highlight positive and negative factors in the game play. The nice graphics and smooth animations are definitely appreciated.

Our space mining runner takes off from left to right in a different dark environments, with several obstacles in the way. It’s a bit futuristic, so the radioactive material and “light beam grapple” shouldn’t seem too out of place. With several of these lethal goo puddles lining the floor (and spikes providing more dangers) along with reverse teleporters, the game pops off very quickly.

The biggest tool to avoid dangers is the ability to jump. Jumping is invoked by tapping the screen, and helps with rock1regards to getting by nastiness, and also in getting up to raised platforms or to collect the gems that line the running area. As an extension to that, there is a cool lasso thingie (the aforementioned “light beam grapple”), unleashed by tapping and holding, that helps with extending airtime; in some sequences, there are spider-man-like motions with the runner swinging from structure to structure to either avoid floor-level stuff or to make it to a higher spot. Finishing a level opens up more, and getting the coveted three stars usually means getting through faster than the suggested time and also collecting a set percentage gems.

And of course, as the levels go on, the challenges get more involved, with moving anchors and moments when timing is of great importance. There are keys that appear, and can be used to open up other levels; failed levels can be repeated, and because of the star and time measurement, local competition is possible.

All in all, it’s a fine game, easy to understand and enjoy, but with just enough complexity for it not to be a boring.

Rock Runners Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Impressive use of color.
Controls - Tap and anpress.d long
Gameplay - Sideways scroller plus more
Replay Value - Quite addictive.
Overall - Fun gameplay in beautifully portioned chunks.

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