The Rockets Review

The Rockets Review

Sep 16, 2013

Well, butter my biscuits, if it’s not another space shoot-em-up that’s one step away from being a bullet hell, and two steps away from containing actual understandable imagery. The amount of these simplistic shooters is damn near overwhelming, and I’m beginning of running out of synonymous words for “simple”. Anyway, The Rockets is a very small shmup, and it’s quite surprising that it gets as addicting as it does.
The Rockets 3

The Rockets is divided into three parts that are gradually unlocked. These parts differ by the theme, difficulty, and the player’s ships. This means that whatever upgrades are purchased for a ship, are going to stay with it, while the next one is unlocked completely naked. Each level consists of a single boss, whose life bar is shown at the top, and who should be destroyed as quickly as possible. Every boss is different in its appearance and attacks. They also change their attacks slightly, when they are at 2/3 and 1/3 of their health. The ship can be equipped with different upgrades in-between the levels. The great thing about the upgrade system is that the upgrades can be reset at any time, with the cash being completely restored, so it can be spent in some different way. Speaking of which, I think the best way to acquire it is to replay the first couple of levels over and over for several times.

The Rockets is a very simple game, but the challenge and desire to unlock the upgrades and show those random aggressive creatures where it’s at, are more than enough to push to the next levels. Of course, The Rockets somewhat lack gameplay variety. The ships are different, but the game itself isn’t quite. The primitive graphics aren’t that much of a problem, but the game is primitive to the core, meaning that the engagement suffers somewhat from the almost complete absence of sounds and actual graphics. In any case, The Rockets is a nice, challenging shoot-em-up with unusual enemies and traditional gameplay. It’s so simple, it’s only suitable for the fans of bullet hell shumps, but I don’t think anyone else would be interested in it anyway. Still, it’s a stylish game, and there are definitely worse shmups out there. Personally, I enjoyed it.

The Rockets Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Practically non-existent - although enemies do look somewhat cool.
Controls - Nothing special.
Gameplay - Repetitive, but fun.
Replay Value - If it's interesting to play once, it's interesting to play again.
Overall - It's a bit cheap, but it's a fine game.

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