Roll in the Hole App Review

Roll in the Hole App Review

Dec 19, 2011

With the multitude of games that have a similar level structure to Angry Birds, it’s probably time we stop comparing them to Angry Birds and just assign them a new category. It’s true that Angry Birds was one of the first to popularize the familiar theme of main levels containing a small army of mini sub-levels. Also, a common theme is the dual challenge of first trying to complete the level and then going back and earning “stars” by conquering the level perfectly. Roll in the Hole hardly deviates from this formula, making you roll a wronged panda through and endless myriad of levels in search of lost ice cream.

The first thing you’ll notice about Roll in the Hole is it’s a very cute app. Everything from the bright colors to the adorable changing expressions of your rolling panda scream My Little Pony. I’m not saying this is a bad thing; the graphics here are of very high quality and were very impressive. More impressive still are the physics; your rotund rolling panda has noticeable momentum and deforms when squished. The physics break down sometimes. One time I got thrown off the screen with an inordinate amount of force after getting stuck between two vertically moving platforms, but for the most part the physics systems works perfectly.

The controls couldn’t be simpler, and you get a welcomed choice between tilting the device or touching the left or right side of the screen. As expected, both styles work perfectly even though I preferred physically touching the screen over the tilting method. A problem I have with Roll in the Hole is that it is very easy. Judging by the art design I can guess that the target audience are parents who want to entertain younger children or teenage girls. Even so, this is a very solid app that doesn’t do much different than its competition, it just does it better.

Roll in the Hole App Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Repetitive sound isn't the best but the high quality graphics are very impressive. The art design is accurate for the target audience.
Controls - The controls are simple and well executed. I, personally, prefer the touch controls as opposed to tilting, but both work perfectly.
Gameplay - The tried and true formula works well and combine the tight controls with great art design make this a fun game to play.
Replay Value - The gameplay is kind of shallow without much to vary the experience. Also the ease of play might bore most experienced players.
Overall - This is a great app if you're trying to entertain a younger child or just want an easy, quick, and high quality game. This is a step up from most other games in it's class.

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