Romans In My Carpet! Review

Romans In My Carpet! Review

Jun 9, 2014

Romans in My Carpet! is a new turn based strategy game form the boffins at Witching Hour Studios, the fine folks who bought us the hardcore Ravenmark series of strategy games.

Romans in my Carpet! however is somewhat less serious. It features the Romites an imperialistic army of dust mites verses the brettles, a barbaric army of beetles. Yes this is an amazing concept for a game.

Screenshot_2014-06-04-12-50-05Romans In My Carpet! is a lot like the Ravenmark games if they were developed after dropping some serious acid. Troops are divided into units like swordsmen and slingers and each have their own ability and are good against a different kind of enemy. Legionaries for example excel against spearmen, are very slow because of their heavy armour and can throw pila once every 3 turns for a ranged attack. Spearmen on the other hand are defensive units, kill cavalry and can use spike wall if they don’t move for extra damage.

The great battle system is woven into a fun campaign which sees the Romites attempting to conquer the nation of Petesroom from the barbarian menace. Amusing battlefields like AD&D maps and corn chip strewn desks set the scene for the fun tactical action on offer.

The AI is quite smart as well. It is very quick to punish you for mistakes and always seeks to engage your weaker units with its stronger ones. It rarely makes blunders but is easy to beat with the right tactics. Campaign missions never feel unfair or too hard.

Screenshot_2014-06-04-13-52-58Asynchronous multiplayer is also available and while opponents are difficult to find the game supports Facebook so you can play with your friends. Since the game is asynchronous, matches are all about predicting what your opponent might do and trying to react to it the right way, much like real combat.

The great thing about Romans in my Carpet! is that it is completely tactically sound despite its odd subject matter Swordsmen rip up spearmen just as they did in real life and if cavalry move to reach the enemy when told to attack they attack twice, once for their charge and once to symbolize when they reach melee and attack hand to hand. If they attack from directly beside an enemy they don’t get the bonus as they are already in melee. It’s really neat how well the game mimics actual battle tactics given that you’re fighting with bugs.

Romans In My Carpet! looks impressive too. A nice pixliated style might seem rather par for the course for a mobile game, but the way that legionaries appear in formation while barbarian units are scattered shows a keen knowledge of the period. Even shields and weapons look very similar to real ones.

The game is also packed with jokes, internet memes and just plain great dialogue. The Codex that describes the units has a lot of funny stuff in it.

Romans In My Carpet! is a imaginative, tactics rich take on TBS and is a winner any way you look at it! A must play for fans of Ravenmark and newcomers alike!

Romans In My Carpet! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great Roman touches and catchy music. Basic but fitting sound effects.
Controls - A dead simple and effective interface.
Gameplay - Slick tactical gameplay without being too heavy.
Replay Value - Plenty of levels and simple multiplayer.
Overall - Romans In My Carpet! is a simple, but very enjoyable slice of tactical goodness.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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